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Hotel Family History

There's an incredible story in today's Diario de Ibiza

There's an incredible story in today's Diario de Ibiza about a family hotel dynasty in San Antonio when six sisters each opened their own hotel in the early days of tourism in Ibiza.

It starts when Margarita Cardona, whose father owned lots of land near Es Puet beach on the border of San Antonio and San Jose, married San Antonio businessman Joan Prats. Six of their seven children were girls, who with a combination of inherited land and business acumen each opened their own hotel whose names will be well known to today's Ibiza tourists.

Josefa Prats Cardona opened the Hotel Bahia in 1949
Antonia opened the Osiris in 1956 (photos from the 1964 brochure)
Margarita opened the Tagomago around the same year
Francisca was responsible for the Reco des Sol which opened in 1960
Catalina built the Neptuno in the same year
and finally, in 1969, Maria opened the Bellamar
Isn't that incredible? And believe it or not, four of the six hotels have never changed hands since their inception.

1964 brochure for the hotel osiris in san antonio ibiza

interior of the osiris hotel san antonio ibiza in 1964

For a little more of the history of Ibiza's Hotels in the early days see our blog post Ibiza Hotel Calendar which features an early poster for the Bahia.

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