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Ibiza Gastronomy Week

A special week of gastronomic treats kicks off on Monday in Ibiza town

A special week of gastronomic treats kicks off on Monday in Ibiza town. Organised by the council's culture department there are two events running concurrently which are guaranteed to get the digestive juices flowing.

No less than 25 restaurants, big and small, famous and not-so-famous will be participating in a 'Sea Cuisine' event and all will have a special section on their menu dedicated to everything fishy. The 25 are; Anduriña, Antonio, Avenida, Ca n’Alfredo, Can Pinoy, Coquus, Da Nino, Delicatessen San Martín, El Barco, El Cigarral, Es Llaüt, Jack Pot, Ke Kafé, La Muralla China, Le Relais, New Jade, Ocean Drive, Pio Lindo, Porto Sale, Rincón del Puerto, S’Ametller, Sa Gavina, Sal i Pebre, Txoko and Vinaino.

In addition the Hotel school is running a course on medieval cookery featuring, for example, lamb and game cooked with fruits of the forest on open fires. The idea is that hotels and restaurants can offer such dishes during don't the medieval festival which starts on May 12th.

This is the first gastronomy week in Ibiza and the council hopes that it will become a regular annual event featuring different restaurants and cuisine themes.

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