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Lissy takes a trip | Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

Ibiza summer 2023 may be over, but the party doesn't stop for our clubbing queen as she hits ADE.

Ibiza 2023 may be over, but that doesn't mean that the music stops. It just means that we need to spread our wings a little. You can't keep a good girl down and Lissy Lübeck has an insatiable thirst for the dancefloor.

Taking a little trip, there's no pause (at least not yet) as Lissy Lü highways it to the Dutch capital for industry expo and party marathon Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Let's go!

Partying as a profession is a hard life... but somebody's got to do it!

Wednesday 18 October

After flying back to the UK on Monday, I spent just one day at home before jetting-off again to The Netherlands. Why? ADE was calling.

An early wake up call for a 09:00 flight, we taxied down to London City Airport. Naturally, we bumped into our first set of fellow attendees - the Defected crew. From this moment, I knew we would experience lots of these encounters over the next five days.

Having been in the hot sun for the last six months, nothing could have prepared me for the weather on this trip. Torrential rain, high winds and temperatures that veered backwards and forwards from the mid-teens to just above freezing. My wardrobe for the week was not suitable.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance EventShortly after checking into the hotel, we were straight out the door to soak up the first day. I was so excited to be here, it felt like Christmas Day!

What made me more excited was the fact this was my first trip using my brand new camera. I love photography and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. Exploring our new surroundings and bumping into DJs left, right and centre, we had a jam packed day out.

Into the night, we started off at a PIV Records party at Chin Chin Club where Rio Tashan was playing. We met lots of cool faces, bumping into Martín, Neil and Lisa from Amnesia - we just can't get away from these people (!) I even managed to acquire some free BRUUT merch. Result.

We then headed to Elliot Schooling and Liam Palmer's Appetite party at Madam in the A'DAM Tower. I'd seen lots about this venue and was eager to try out. Here, I bumped into all my friends from Ibiza, who were also sending off the summer the same way.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

One of these friends was a guy I'd met at a villa party on the island, Chris (AKA the DJ Litmus). A hilarious, charismatic Aussie who loves a good ol' rave.

After a few hours spent here, we ventured to the lower levels of the same building to Shelter, one of the city's most notorious clubs for Boogeyman. It was a little less packed than I'd imagined, but the music was still great.

It was around 04:00 when we called it a night. Same as in Ibiza, it's important to remember it's a marathon not a sprint. All the same, a good innings on day numero uno.

Thursday 19 October

In case you're thinking of making the trip to ADE in future, you should know there are these networking events called 'mixers', held by various record labels and agencies at different locations across the city.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

Today, we went to the Toolroom Records mixer held at The Hoxton, one of the hotels where lots of the industry stay. We went partly for the drinks, but also to catch-up and build relationships. While these are good opportunities to make new connections, they're equally intense and draining, especially when your social battery is in desperate need of a recharge.

After this, Danny had some important work to attend to. He had been asked to speak to the masked enigma Claptone, for a world exclusive first live interview.

The artist interviews I conduct are usually around the ten to twenty minute mark. This one was a full 90 minutes with videos, entertainers in the crowd, free gin and all sorts. True to form, it was a show all of itself. Even the auditorium, with its Roman columns and draping, felt very on brand.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

To maintain his air of mystery, Claptone used a voice distorter. It was interesting to get a first-hand account into the allusive character he portrays. Both Danny and Claptone made it humorous chat, before canvassing the audience for their own questions.

Later, Litmus recommended a great local ramen restaurant to try out for dinner. Danny, Steve, Rio and I went and it was honestly delightful, with our downstairs table practically backing onto the canal. What's better than a warming chicken broth and noddles on a rainy autumn night?

Red lights on the canals of the Amsterdam red light district by Eva Carre

After dinner, we ended up down the red light district at a peep show, before heading to a cosy pub for some cocktails. Despite the intention to go out, we instead headed home to sleep.

Absolutely exhausted from two full days out on our feet, a late night and raging hangover, had Amsterdam already taken its toll? The weekend schedule is when the main parties take place, so we had to make sure we were prepared mentally and physically.

Friday 20 October

On Friday, we first went to the department store De Bijenkorf, which is like the Dutch version of Harrods. All of my favourite designer brands were there, including Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Daily Paper and more.

Not shopping for myself on this occasion, but as Danny's stylist and personal shopper. I was in my element, helping spend somebody else's money. I have just as much fun looking at menswear, as I do womenswear.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

For dinner we went to a nearby Food Hallen, where they served the most delicious cocktails and every type of cuisine imaginable. Mixing things up, the group ate a medley of pizza, burgers, bao buns, chicken wings and oysters. Quite the combo.

Litmus introduced us to some of his friends who live here and are also DJs/producers and went about ordering round after round of Moscow Mules. We shared lots of laughs before heading off to the large arena venue AFAS Live to support Danny play for Claptone's The Masquerade.

Heading a little out of the city, we were running late by about five minutes. After sorting the admin at the artist entrance, we were escorted to the stage where Danny jumped on, just as the doors were opened to the public.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

Despite Danny being the first act on, the venue filled up very quickly. The crowd was raring to go, and for us, it served as a little pre-party for the night ahead.

Afterwards we headed back into the city centre, this time to Chicago Social Club to catch our pals Max Dean and Alisha play for Eastenderz. This was the smallest club we'd been to yet in Amsterdam. It was a bit of a sweat box, but the vibes were great and you could tell that everyone was really there for the music. It felt more like a clubbing crowd, than an industry one.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

Before we knew it, we were all back at somebody's room at the NH Hotel and carried on until 08:00. Once we clocked what the time was, we hastily ordered cabs to go our separate ways.

Saturday 21 October

The highlight of this very drab hungover day for me, was eating the signature Dutch dessert poffertjes at a local cafe under a canopy in the rain, watching the world go by. The rain came down heavily, and, typically, I decided today would be a good day to go bare legged in a skirt.

Luckily, I bought some boots yesterday from Zara, which acted as make-shift wellies.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

I was feeling a little fragile today, but still made the most out of exploring the city.

Even though we have been doing this since Wednesday, we kept finding unexplored nooks behind canal paths and winding back streets, including walking past Anne Frank's house. Whenever I come to new places, I make an effort to find out the history of each place.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

We went back to the hotel around 19:00 and I zonked out almost instantly. The next thing I knew, it was 01:00 and I woke up in a complete daze. It took me a while to adjust and get my bearings. I text Rio, Steve and Jo to see what they were up to, but I ended up passing out again.

I think my new rave rule is: one day on, one day off. That seems to work a treat.

Sunday 22 October

After a hefty 15 hour kip, I was ready to get back in the mix and enjoy the last couple days of ADE.

We met Jo and Rio for lunch at Soho House, and poor Jo was in a very bad way. Bless her, she looked like she hadn't seen sleep in a week. To make things worse, she had to check out of her apartment in the next few hours and had to lug her belongings around until her 21:00 flight.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

I couldn't let her suffer like this, so I gave her our hotel room key so she could get some shut eye in a comfy bed. There was no way she was joining us for a day out drinking.

Rio had also expressed his fatigue and desire to go to sleep, however after some gentle persuasion, we managed to entice him out. I wanted to tick off as many venues as I could today. First up, we hit Loveland's MediaHaven to see Mochakk perform a sold-out show.

Apart from viral videos on Tik-Tok and Instagram, I had never seen Mochakk play before. All I really knew about him was that he's from Brazil and his energy behind the decks is what makes him so special.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

The venue was super cool. It was a large warehouse which Paradise and Music On had both sold out on previous days. For Mochakk to have done the same by himself was an impressive feat.

He had his two Brazilian friends perform with him, where they sang vocals over the top of the beats Mochakk fed in, as well as a live bass guitarist. It was honestly the best music I'd heard all week. My jaw was on the floor for most of it.

After this, I was keen to see upcoming artist Locklead (who Chris Stussy told me about in our interview). His Moon release on Up the Stuss has been doing the business in the House music world over the last few months and I wanted to see him in person. Also playing were Oden & Fatzo and Lauren Lo Sung back-to-back Rich NxT, who I also adore.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

The venue, Het Sieraad, was like something I'd never seen before. It was a former school, which to my eye resembled more an abandoned hospital if I'm honest. It was kind of creepy, but lent itself perfectly to this sort of party.

Here, I finally met Robbie Doherty, a DJ and producer who I'm obsessed with. He told me of how he did a physiotherapy degree, but turned to production a few years ago. His girlfriend was lovely too, and we have arranged to do something back in the UK.

I also met Rich NxT and Enzo Sirugusa who are such genuine sweethearts.

After we caught the beginning of the b2b set, we decided to head to the next venue of the night IIrjland where Joey Daniel and Friends were doing a takeover. We arrived just as the party was starting so it was a bit quiet for the first hour.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

AJ Christou and Fleur Shore were going b2b before Guti played. Again, I met loads more people here and even managed to catch up with PAWSA's brother Rob and Guy, who offered me a gig back in London in December. Definitely worth attending.

We stayed for a good few hours, networked, danced and had some fun before heading back home. We could have continued way into the night and even through till tomorrow, however three parties in one day seemed like an applause-worthy effort.

Monday 23 October

We did it. We completed ADE 2023. For the first time this week, we managed to catch the hotel breakfast in time before check-out. During the trip, I had managed to accumulate a whole new wardrobe and many more bags to take home.

Devastatingly, I had to leave some of the free merchandise behind. Another Lissy special is to vastly exceed my luggage allowance and, unlike Ibiza, this time there was no option to leave it behind in storage. Why always me?

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

Before leaving, we went for one last gander and ended up mooching around record stores before finding our way to the sex museum. When in Rome...

Mid tour, we received word that our flight had been cancelled. What a disaster! Luckily, we found some spare seats on an alternative flight back to London. This just meant flying into Gatwick instead of City airport.

I had the best time in Amsterdam and will one hundred per cent be coming back next October.

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That's it from dancefloor diaries for this summer. Lissy and the team have partied until they've dropped, got a second wind, dusted themselves down and picked themselves up and done it all over again. You'll have to wait until next summer for more misadventures in clubland.

Lissy Lü does Amsterdam Dance Event

Our dancing boots don't get completely stored away though. During the off-season, we'll be bringing you club reviews from Ibiza favourites at other party destinations from around the world as our Ibiza worldwide series makes its autumnal return.

Wherever you're partying over the cooler months, we'll see you on the dancefloor.

For all Ibiza party listings, including forthcoming announcements regarding the period over New Year, our party calendar and magazine newsfeed remain your essential one-stop shop.

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