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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (2) 06-05-2020

Still waiting

See our first coronavirus update for ticket/party information and a summary of the different phases of the plan to end lockdown.

We are currently enjoying our first small steps towards reopening Ibiza, following the slight relaxation of the strict social distancing measures imposed in Spain - taking us all the way to Level 0! This Monday we were finally allowed out for daily walks and individual sport, with family members, in strictly defined session according to age groups. The feeling of freedom, in the beautiful spring weather, has been quite exhilarating for many and even better times are just around the corner.

There have been around 160 known confirmed cases of the Coronavirus on Ibiza and Formentera, of which 34 are still active. Also, very positive is the news that there have been no new cases amongst the 800 frontline medical workers on the islands, which is very encouraging.

This week James and I both volunteered for antigen and antibody tests at the Grupo Policlinica private hospital, which came up negative. The doctor who attended us revealed that around 4000 tests had already been carried out, with an approximate 5% positive rate, a large proportion of whom were from the police and homeless populations.

This rough (back of a cigarette packet) data could mean that, with a winter population estimated to be around 80,000 to 100,000, around 4000 residents may have already been infected without displaying extreme symptoms or requiring hospitalisation.

It might also mean that the 12 unfortunate victims to the Covid-19 disease in Ibiza and Formentera represent a 0.3% fatality rate. Of course, we are only a small, isolated population and this is not a clinical study, but it is encouraging example of what can happen if the social distancing rules are applied effectively.

With effect from next Monday 11 May we move to Phase 1 of the de-escalation (Formentera is already there). This will allow us a considerable improvement in mobility and social interaction:

  • Shops will be able to open up to 30% of their sales area, with 2m social distancing limit.
  • Restaurants and bars can open up to 50% of their outside terrace space for table service.
  • Hotels are permitted to reopen, but without their communal areas. Although, the feedback we have is that, without direct flights, most hotels are unlikely to participate initially.
  • Individual exercise and non-contact sports, marketplaces, museums and cultural events will resume, with some strict restrictions
  • Social groups at home, of up to 10 persons, can resume.

Our progress to Phase 2 is scheduled for Monday 25 May, but is dependent on control of the spread of the virus - the national government reserves the right to determine when each phase happens or not. Nevertheless, let's all hope that these are indeed the first real steps in the return to normality, that lives will be saved and our courageous medical staff won't be overwhelmed in the future.

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