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Catch Cova Santa while you can this summer 2018

Final call this year to head on down to sample Espai Kru's fabulous menu at this unique restaurant.

We're into September already so it's good to know that there's still time to indulge in the fine-dining experience of Cova Santa open until the end of the month. Time to reserve now.

The majestic country vistas of this place lend themselves perfectly to the natural and fine produce that make up the menu, created especially by acclaimed Spanish restaurant group Espai Kru.

It may still seem that 30 September is some time away, though it will soon be upon us. Don't miss out on the opportunity to dine at one of Ibiza's most unique locations.

With stunning views out across the hills around San José, you can catch the moon rise whilst enjoying its exquisite menu.

Fans of seafood will be especially rewarded, with lots of dishes made from locally-caught fish - choose between the freshest if anchovies, tasty turbot, delectable red tuna and some superb salmon.

Oysters and caviar are amongst the more decadent menu options - and please leave ample room for dessert. The ingot of chocolate is simply divine.

Cova Santa is perfect for a romantic evening under the stars or as a special treat from groups of friends - it's an experience not to be missed.

More events are to come during the month which are set to be announced soon. Keep an eye on out for these for some added magic to your night. Dinner and a party here makes for the perfect pleasure match

Go along and see for yourselves why Cova Santa is so special. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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