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24 hours on Ibiza with €50

How to have fun on the White Isle on a budget with Franzi Footprints.

Over the course of the Ibiza season, several articles have covered the rise of exclusive VIP culture and its effect on the island's musical movement. Many argue that the regular raver is being out priced and a decent holiday in Ibiza only possible for the super-rich. Whilst drinks and admission prices are indeed not the cheapest, it is still possible to have a fantastic time around the White Isle on a budget.

You may be wondering how. To last a full season in Ibiza, it is essential to find the best places where you can eat, drink and dance for next to nothing. Over the past few months, I have built a list of economic locations and activities that any traveller can enjoy.

Last weekend I headed out along with fellow traveller and blogger, Franzi, touring around San Antonio, Playa d'en Bossa and Ibiza Town with just a 50 euros to last 24 hours. Here's how we got on.


I met Franzi late Saturday afternoon on the Passeig de la Mar in San Antonio. The September sunshine was glinting through the clouds as we headed to our first stop of the day. Rita's Cantina is an eatery with a great Ibiza heritage, being open in San Antonio for over 20 years now. When I first visited, I was attracted by retro-styled decor with a relaxed motif, a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon coffee and appreciate the views of the sea and marina.

However, we were here to sample the food menu as Rita's has many of their sandwiches and specials priced around €4 to €6 mark, making it an ideal place for a low-cost lunch. Franzi ordered the chicken tika wrap with a side salad, (also plated up within five minutes, very speedy service!), a deliciously cool choice with a tangy taste for just six euros

Total: €6.00

Walking along the sunset strip next, we headed to a place which I consider to be one of the friendliest bars in San Antonio. Bamboo Bar is located on Carrer Ponent, just around the corner from Café Mambo. Adorned in bamboo, the venue lives up its name giving an easygoing beach bar look, the motif is a homely one. Combine that with a perfect sunset view and you have one of the best places to enjoy a drink at the end of the day. A mixture of reggae and ska was playing in the background as we were greeted by the bar staff (who speak multiple European languages, I might add).

They suggested for us to try one of their 78 different types of beer. It was difficult to choose one but Franzi selected an Ibz Summer (only €4.50 being the beer of the day). This pale ale is brewed by Ibosim, a craft beer brand which operates exclusively in Ibiza. The beer was bold, coppery in colour and very aromatic with hints of mango, passion fruit and orange. If beer isn't your thing then you can always order a freshly made cocktail, which are very reasonably priced (€8.50 for a freshly made Mojito, bargain!). Afterwards, we were treated to a strawberry daiquiri digestive, a fruity taster that left a positive impression on both of us.

Total: €10.50

With the evening approaching it was time for Franzi to check into her hostel and change before an evening at Pikes. Now, a little disclaimer, the hostel is not within the 50 euros. Reason for this being is that if we did include it half our budget would have disappeared. But as having a place to sleep for the evening is kind of essential for any Ibiza traveller, knowing of somewhere to go for next to nothing is a good bit of information to have. Amistat Hostel can be found in the heart of San Antonio on Carrer de Santa Rosalia and offers one of cheapest options for accommodation with beds starting from €25 per night.

The thing that impressed Franzi was the bright and modern style of the hostel. It doesn't look like the usual DIY hostel. Its decor is more akin to a fashionable hotel. I was equally impressed by the amount of facilities available to the guests: swimming pool, kitchen, washing machines computer games room, DJ decks and a poolside bar to name a few! After checking in with a nice young man at the front desk, Franzi headed up to her room, which she gained access to via fingerprint scanner, a feature which is exclusive to Amistat. I left Franzi to take a quick disco nap before the big night out.

Fast forward a few hours, Franzi and I met at San Antonio bus station before Pikes. You can take a taxi to Pikes, but obviously, in the interest of saving money, you can also walk from the bus station. It takes 30 mins and is a pretty straight route, just make sure you stay on the left side pathway for safety. We were headed for the closing event of Artwork's House Party, which is known for its disco music and groovy vibes. Upon arrival, we met Franzi's friend, Roxanne and we ordered shots (Hierbas, Jagermeister or Tequila) from the outdoor bar costing €4. We went for a boogie in the fun house where Artwork was playfully entertaining the crowd with funky tracks such as Fabulous Boogie by Ziggy Phunk.

Pikes as a venue is a wondrous and magical place. The celebrities that passed through its doors in the past are great and many. Club Tropicana by Wham! was shot there and Freddie Mercury called it home during the 80s. Now the spirit of those rock and roll times lives on with the help of the Ibiza Rocks group who own and manage the hotel and venue. The best part of the venue I believe is that most of the events are completely free. All that is required is to go onto the Pikes website and sign your name up on the guest list for that evening: it's that easy! As we walk around the extravagantly decorated venue (even bumping into a Freddie double), Artwork dropped You Should Be Dancing by Bee Gees, a track that had the whole dance floor grooving under a shiny disco ball.

Total: €14.50


Franzi and I met once again at San Antonio Bus station to go on a day trip and explore the other side of the island starting with Playa d'en Bossa. The bus cost €3.50 and took 20 mins. We headed to Roni's Deli, which is located on Carrer de Pourers, just a stones throw away from Playa d'en Bossa beach. The quaint restaurant is known for its delicious burgers and deli lunch items, all made with fresh organic and healthful ingredients. As it was a very late breakfast time after Pikes, Franzi decided on the scrambled eggs with whole grain bread costing only €7.00. Also for photographing the food on Franzis Instagram, we got the drink for free! A tasty can of Whole Earth organic cranberry juice. We bid farewell to the super friendly staff of Roni's and headed to our next location.

Total: €25.00

Along the way to Figueretas, we stopped by a souvenir shop, where Franzis browsed over a multitude of different items, deciding on a hippy style bracelet for €3.00. Think about saving a few euros for a little trinket to save from your trip to Ibiza or to give to a family member as a present. There are literally hundreds of souvenir shops to choose from each having little bargains tucked away inside.

Next, we went to the Proxim supermarket to get some snacks for our time at the beach. The most popular snack food of choice for locals, island dwellers and tourists is undoubtedly a baguette and a tub of Aioli (a divine garlic mayonnaise dip), so that went straight in our basket, together with a bottle of Limón Kas, a refreshing soda choice that I've only ever seen available in Spain and Ibiza. Finally, we had a packet of Sal de Ibiza crisps, containing salt harvested from the nature reserve Parc Natural de ses Salines d'Evissa on the island. This short supermarket sweep total came to €5.50.

Total: €33.50

Afterwards, we hit Figueretas beach for a bit of yoga and sun soaking. Franzi picked this beach saying, “It's different to Playa d´en Bossa beach, which can be a bit noisy at times. It´s super chilled and calm at Figuretas. The crystal-clear waters are so inviting for a swim!” The promenade of Figueretas oozes paradisiacal appeal, lined with palm trees with a beautiful panoramic view of the blue Mediterranean sea. This beach is a perfect location for any tourist, ideally situated a 15 minute walk from both Ibiza town and Playa d'en Bossa. This was perfect for us, also given our next restaurant stop at the latter location.

Strolling leisurely from Figueretas, we went to Chopstiqs, an Asian fusion restaurant which can be found on Carrer Josep Lluís Sert, not far from Sankeys. We were greeted by the helpful staff who showed us the menu, with its big selection of dishes. You can choose from chicken, beef, prawn or vegetarian food, cooked in Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Philippine and Singapore styles.

We selected a dish that would cover all the fantastic flavours, a small box of Chopstiqs special noodles, containing prawns, chicken and beef, costing only €5.50. Posters on the wall demonstrate how to utilise chopsticks effectively, needless to say, Franzi and I needed a bit of practice! So our waiter kindly also gave us a fork to eat with. They also served the food in a Chinese style noodle boxes, perfect to take away and eat as we walked to the bus stop.

Total: €39.00

The buses on the island are the cheapest way to get around the island aside from walking. They run from around 7:00 until 23:45 when the Discobus service takes over. The Discobus service is the best way to get to and from the clubs in the evening as they run all night long.

All the information for the buses can be found on helpful information boards on each stop and station. If you have to wait for one, sitting enjoying the Ibiza sunshine isn't a bad way to wait for transport. Once on the bus, the seats are comfortable and clean, and most importantly each bus is air-conditioned. Our ride from Playa d'en Bossa to Ibiza town cost €2.00 and took about 10 mins.

Total: €41.00

Once we arrived in Ibiza Town, Franzi nipped in her friend's house to change and arrange a lift to Destino later on that evening. We then took a walk through the extremely pretty back streets of the old town. I think that this place should be on every Ibiza traveller's to-do list. The sheer amount of exploration available is enough to satisfy any wanderlust hungry visitor. The winding streets are filled with little boutiques, cool cafes and hideaway bars. There really is something for everyone. Stopping by the port is also a great place to update your Instagram with the many expensive yachts floating around in the background, as you can see Franzi was pretty impressed!

Then, of course, you have the iconic and historical Dalt Vila, the citadel of Eivissa. From this viewpoint, you can see the wonderful rooftops of the old town below, authentic Catalonian architecture and Ibiza scenery as far as the eye can see. Franzi had this to say about her trip around the old town: “Every time I walk through here, it's like seeing it for the first time all over again. I have to stop at almost every corner because there is always so much to see and to discover.”

Walking down from Dalt Vila, we found ourselves back in the centre of Ibiza Town so decided to head to a local eatery for an afternoon snack. We stopped off at the little restaurant Va Bene (also known as Disco Burger) on Av. de Bartomeu de Roselló. These simple but well-made burgers are quickly served in the setting of a 1950s American style diner.

The selection on the menu is a nice mixture of burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches. I personally recommend the number 13, the double-decker burger with cheese and egg, perfect for a pre- or post-club meal. The best thing is that pricing is low as well with basic burgers starting at €4 and the above-mentioned double-decker for €7.50.

Burgers that don't break the bank! Seeing we had eaten at both Roni's and Chopstiqs earlier that day, we were full, but Franzi spotted one of her favourite things on the menu: Cookies & Cream flavour Häagen-Dazs. Combined with a bottle of still mineral water, this brought the bill to €5.00. We chilled inside the retro theme indoor area until it was time to leave for Destino.

Total: €46.00

Round the corner from Va Bene, we met up with Franzi's friend who turned the corner to my surprise in a full-sized hippy van! We jumped in and travelled down to Destino, passing Marina Botafoch and Pacha along the way. At this point, I will say that if you or one of your friends can drive, use that to your advantage to see the entire island on the cheap. With car rental starting at around €70 per day divided by five seats, it works out at €14 a head. This way you can visit the magical Es Vedrà or the abandoned Festival Club, locations you wouldn't be able to get to by bus and quite expensive by taxi. Pulling up to the white complex of Destino, we said farewell to Franzi's driver amigo and give him our last €4.00 for his time and petrol.

Total: €50.00

Our final spot on the list as mentioned is the Pacha owned, luxurious outdoor venue and hotel situated in Cap Martinet, Destino. Over the course of the summer season, I've fallen in love with this place. Its white and wooden decor is the height of elegance, with everybody dressed up in their Sunday best (Ibiza style, of course). I spent the end of my first week on Ibiza at Rumors watching Sven Väth play as the sun set over the Mediterranean sea. One of the best things about Rumors on Sunday is that it's completely free! You literally just walk through the lobby doors and out into the spacious outdoor space.

Franzi was wowed by the venue, saying to me that she instantly loved the place for its charm and vibe. This particular Sunday they had moved the party to the main stage, decorated with colourful flowers in a tropical theme. On deck duties was the lovely Lauren Lane, who spun tech grooves warming up the crowd. A favourite from her set was the glockenspiel lead remix of Wicked Streets by Henrick Schwarz, a chilled tribal like beat which was a perfect accompaniment to the sun setting on the horizon. Franzi's personal favourite? When she heard the German (Franzi is from Munich) lyrics of Das Filet by C-Rock & Patrick Testor, she was faster than I was to Shazam the tune.

Now you might have noticed the glass of wine in the picture and wondered how we afforded it when we are technically all spent up. Well, I left Franzi for two minutes to photograph the golden sunset coming over the palms of the Destino resort. When I came back some friendly gentlemen had bought her a glass of vino, how nice of him. We had managed to do the 24 hours on the 50 euros (only just) but much like Rumors, the best things in life are for free!

If you fancy venturing to Destino for Rumors this, all the details can be found via our party calendar below.

Clothes | Under Cover IBZ

Photography | Michael Tomlinson, Peter Young & Carlos Diaz

Model | Franzi Footprints

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