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Review: Sa Punta Ibiza - the finest way to dine

Effortless excellence


Sa Punta Ibiza is one of those places that makes it all look effortless. From the valet parking when you arrive to the incredible attention to detail and knowledge of the staff that work there. You will get a very mixed crowd in this top-drawer eatery though without any attitude if say you arrive in flip flops. I don't know about you, but that's what I want from a restaurant, especially when I'm on holiday.

The restaurant is set over three terraced areas, one of these outside. The decor is simple with white wicker chairs, distressed wooden tables, and doors. Gold light fittings carefully placed around, provide a nice touch to the overall air of shabby chic luxury. There is a definite good feeling in this place: you never feel hurried, always relaxed and are attended to in an instant. One of the pluses of Sa Punta Ibiza is its location, which gives you an impressive panorama out over the sea. You take in lots too, with the medieval citadel of Ibiza's old town as well as the lovely Talamanca Bay with white boats bobbing on the surface. This alone will take your breath away.

As we waited for our other dining companion to arrive, we nibbled on the most luscious olives ever and sipped our dirty martinis taking in that view, thinking, can it be much better than this? Once our table was ready, we sat down and it was suggested we try all the new menu items this year. The restaurant has worked hard on making its food as presentable as possible. Watching them go by to other tables was like a living art installation with the plates as the pictures. Despite me saying it looks effortless, clearly much dedication is going into their food.

Starting with the sea

All starters came from the sea and were sparklingly fresh. Local Yellowtail fish was the base for the first starter: raw squares of sashimi-type cuts topped with the pulp and juice of tomato and topped with thinly shaved black truffle, giving an earthy taste. This was spectacular and very lovely to eat; we thought it couldn't be topped until we had the next starter. This was an imaginative pairing of peeled Ibiza crayfish on top of a whole creamy burrata cheese with crisp artichoke pieces. A combo which may sound like it might not work, but really, really does. The softness of the cheese turned out to be the perfect partner of this crustacean. Finally a slow-cooked octpus with potato alioli and almond cream wowed us all with the tenderness of this treasure of the sea.

Punch and edge

Continuing on a sea theme, our mains brought us two stand-out fish dishes. The first of these was a special of hand made fettuccine with delicious local prawns, mussels and tuna making a mouth watering mix of freshness and delicate flavour. Then we had Alaskan cod, a variety that is mild in flavour and utterly tender, with the white flesh flaking away easily and happily. The fish is marinated in miso to impart its savoury flavour, then served with a sauce made with more miso, plus mirin and sake, two types of Japanese rice wine. This gives the dish punch and edge and made it quite simply one of the best cod dishes I had ever tried. Finally, on the meaty side, we had a deboned rack of lamb: three big cubes of juicy meat topped with more black truffle and served with a ‘confit' of potatoes. This was just beautiful and the plate was licked clean.

And God created desserts

Then to a selection of creative desserts almost made by the hand of God. A carrot and coconut cake was made up of small slabs of the cake which devilishly contained yummy crunchy toffee pieces. For added flavour it is served with marinated pineapple, pineapple cream and coconut meringue sticks. This was a tasty pud for grown ups, as was the next one featuring five different types of chocolate textures and berries on the side. My favourite choccy part was the mousse, and there's a whole lot more, so see which one you like. We also took a home made vanilla ice cream, made to an Italian recipe, which properly tasted of cream. All in all a very satisfying end to a satisfying meal.

The endnote on this is that Sa Punta Ibiza is a place you will remember, for all the above and more. Don't just take my word for it, go there yourself for one of the most sublime dining experiences around.


What? Sa Punta Ibiza

Where? Es Pouet de Talamanca

When? 8 April to 8 October - 11am-3am

Why? The food, the views, the service, the everything

Average spend per head? €65 for a starter, main, dessert and glass of house wine

Veggie Options? The gnochhi and a couple of salads on the menu - ask, or better still, call ahead and the chef will prepare something for you

Disabled Facilities? Yes

Top tips? Go before sunset to watch the changing light over the water whilst enjoying your meal

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOGRAPHY | Peter Young

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