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Ibiza's cosmopolitan Santa Gertrudis

Featured village of Ibiza

Where and what?

Santa Gertrudis lies at the heart of the island and gets you access to anywhere on it fast. It's surrounded by fields and farms and is much sought after as a place to live, having a very cosmopolitan populace. It's a modern example of a traditional Ibicenco village going on to make it in life.

What's the story?

Santa Gertrudis is an old white-painted village that has gentrified and become a hub of European settlers; these followed on from the artists and painters that lived there before. Bar Costa, famous for its cured meats, has many works of art hanging on its walls that were traded for food and drink in those more Bohemian times.

Why go?

The village is chock full of old Ibiza-style white buildings as well as new modern and contemporary buildings. Its graceful main square is where the church is located and where there are many bars and restaurants to try: Musset is a popular cool café spot and places like Ulivans bring Spanish family charm. Around there are great eateries of a very high standard such as new arrival La Petite Table or there's Es Jardins de Frutera and its amazing take on local Ibiza dishes. The clothing boutiques here are very popular all year round with their fine crafted goods. You could go just for that.

How do I enjoy it?

Wander around and poke your nose in the French cheese shop, get some bread and sit in the town square and drink in the vivid colours of this place. The church is great to look around and cool down on a hot day; it's a little more grander than other villages' holy places too. A beer in a bar or better a long lunch and walk around the village to walk off the food next. When you leave, drive by the fields around and see the island's animals: the cows, sheep and goats that are raised here.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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