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Mojis animal sanctuary Ibiza

A true Ibiza tale of one young bartender, over 20 abandoned dogs and a whole heap of determination.

Abraham is a bartender in Ibiza. Like most bartenders, he's a sociable young guy and works long hours. But unlike most bartenders, rather than hitting the clubs after work, he spends his entire income and free time rescuing, nurturing and rehabilitating abandoned or traumatised animals. In the north of the island he's known to locals simply as the ‘animal whisperer.'

He founded and runs Mojis Animal Sanctuary, a charity based in San Lorenzo on the San Juan - San Carlos road, that cares for an assortment of abandoned or traumatised dogs, horses, pigs, goats, ducks and chickens. All have been taken in, nursed back to health and given a loving home after surviving a variety of tragic situations. Although Abraham's not a vet, he is an animal behaviourist and a very talented one at that, specially qualified in animal care and training. Moreover, he also visits children in local schools to overcome any fear of animals they may have and to help children to understand basic care and respect for animals.

As if that wasn't dedicated enough, Abraham also runs a highly regarded dog-training school and the funds from this, plus donations and his own earnings as a bartender are his way of supporting the animals. But it's nowhere near enough. In order to cover actual costs he relies entirely on donations from the public.

It's an extraordinary tale of kindness and now, in a joint effort with fellow animal lovers of Ibiza who are evidently rallying around Abraham to support his remarkable work, there has emerged a cunning plan to raise some desperately needed funds for the coming winter.

This being Ibiza, naturally, they're having a party! This Saturday, October 25th from 2pm, Mojis Animal Sanctuary are opening their doors, putting on a hearty spread, cracking out the drinks and welcoming you to come and meet the family. It's going to be a warm-hearted, family affair, with children very welcome and lots of opportunities to learn about and interact with Abraham's four legged friends. It's sure to be a wonderful Ibiza autumn day out in nature, ideal for putting some rosiness back in your cheeks, warming your heart and maybe... even restoring your faith in human nature a little bit.

Expect a friendly community vibe with music, dancing and a very attractive sounding raffle, with a long list of cool prizes including:

1 x Tarot from the Heart reading with Elaine

1 x Acupuncture session with Martine

1 x 3 sessions of Qi Gong with Martine

1 x 45 minute session of Reiki with Lisa

1 x BeWell session with Selina Ingram

1 x Cut & Color hair appointment with Faye Reynolds

4 x goodie bags from Passion Cafe Ibiza

Menswear from Not Guilty Home

Pure Aloe Jelly and Aloe shampoo from Forever Living

Plus many more.

All prizes have been generously donated by professional resident Ibiza practitioners and 100% of the money raised will be used towards winter feeding and shelter. Tickets for the raffle cost €3 each or €5 for two. And if you can't make it on the day but you'd like to support Abraham's devoted work, you can buy them by getting in touch with the animal sanctuary either here or by calling the centre on +34 636 324 977

If you would like to offer help on the day or enquire about volunteering, then please get in touch with the centre. The organisers are also appealing for any old blankets, bedding, unwanted garden furniture and pet accessories of all kinds to please bring along on the day. They'll be extremely useful and very gratefully received.

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTOS | Cat Milton

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