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Ibiza Resident DJ: #1 Jem Haynes

New series profiling some of the international DJs that also somehow manage to find time holding down a residency in Ibiza.

#1 takes us to London town for one of the island's rising stars, Jem Haynes.

(Photo/Artwork Credit: Woolhouse Studios)

1. Where are you from?

I'm from Wandsworth in South London.

2. When did you first come to Ibiza?

I first came to Ibiza when I was 14 on a family holiday. I had just got my first pair of decks and remember seeing all the clubbers getting off the plane and wanted to go where they were going but I ended up in Portinatx instead.

3. Where did you first play in Ibiza?

I first played at We Love Space. Mark Broadbent saw me play at a club called La Paloma in Barcelona and invited me to come and play a one off gig that summer. That was five years ago now and I've been honoured to be there ever since.

4. Tell us about some of the places you've played in Ibiza?

I haven't played too many places other than Space on the island apart from the odd one off set at Ushuaia, Eden for Wonderland and Ryan O'Gormans Electric Sex night. To be honest We Love is my favourite party and the first place I played so after that I never really wanted to play anywhere else.

5. Where is your main residency on the island now?

I'm a weekly resident for We Love at Space and played lots of different sets in different rooms last year. My favourite moments from last summer were closing the Main Terrace after Steve Lawler, the night Spain won the World Cup. Also my first closing set in the Discoteca after Claude Von Stroke and really getting to grips with the killer soundsystem in that room and letting rip!

Then at the We Love Closing I was warming up the Discoteca before James Zabiela and there was about 3000 people there at ten o'clock! Definitely one I won't forget!

Jem in Action at We Love... Space, Sunday July 25th 2010

6. What's so good about that party?

For me We Love is the party that has something for everybody. The soundsystem is always first class, the crowd are always amazing, and who else puts on James Zabiela, Martin Buttrich, Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills and Basement Jaxx alongside some great underground acts all in one venue?!!

7. Which other DJ has been the biggest source of inspiration in your career? (ibiza or not)

I don't think there's been just one DJ I could name thats inspired me over the yrs but one of the first I remember hearing and being hooked into what they where doing was Terminator X from Public Enemy. I love the way he used to record Dj techniques and jamming sessions to create the final productions.
Following on from him i was really into Fablo, Grooverider and Carl Cox when I was growing up.

8. What have you been up to during the winter?

I've had a great winter so far playing in lots of different places from Zurich and Arosa in Switzerland to The Nest in Dalston and on New years I played for We Love in Leeds and We Love at Ministry of Sound where we launched our new record label Loop Recordings. Apparently, it was the best night at The Ministry in Ten years!

8. Tell us about your production plans at the moment.

I have a new digital label with Ian C and Martin "DJ Smut" Wood. I'm producing tracks all the time either by myself or alongside Ian and Martin as well as Jamie Funk so there's plenty of material ready to go. The first release is tracks from all three of us entitled "The Arrival EP" and has had amazing DJ feedback so far from Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Slam, Reboot, Hugo, Coyu and Deetron. It's out exclusively on Beatport Feb 28th.

9. How can DJs who are residents in Ibiza avoid just being DJs who are just residents in Ibiza?

Move to Berlin in the winter maybe?!

10. Which Ibiza resident Dj should we feature next?

Ian Blevins or Matt Playford.

Catch Jem this Saturday 19th Feb at The Nest in Dalston, London.

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