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Review: Ocean Mania

Ibiza's floating obstacle course awaits...

Last week, we in the Spotlight clubbing team stretched our muscles and wet our hair at Ocean Mania, Ibiza's first ever-inflatable water park.

This nutty yet genius concept is brought to you by the same owners that launched San Antonio's very own, Ocean Beach Club. Located along the bay of S'Arenal, this floating park of fun sits directly across from the club. Influenced by the hit TV series ‘Total Wipeout,' these clever souls are shaking up traditional water sports with an inflatable floating obstacle course spanning over 7000sqft and stationed 50 metres off the bay.

Suited up in our swankiest swimwear, life guards divide all participants into groups that set out once every hour. The first step in embarking on this H2O escapade: swimming through the Mediterranean to the inflatable circuit. Paddling out like little duckies, my hunch about this part being the most leisurely part of the afternoon was confirmed when I saw the size of this structure. Im pretty incompetent when it comes to measurement skills, so lets just leave it at this thing was massive. Greeted at the first platform by two bronzed lifeguards, my upper body strength (more like lack of) was showcased at its finest when they both had to squat and pull me up. Graceful. The stations on the floating track are interlocked with slides, balancing beams, bridges leading participants to the more challenging obstacles. Slow and steady was my pace, making the massive trampoline my first target of choice. Bouncing around I was able to spot team Spotlight scattered about on the terrain ahead: interns hanging off climbing towers, photographers flying off free floating catapults, multiple failed rope swing attempts and the brave ones jumping off high dives.

TICKETS | Ocean Mania: If you're seeking an exhilarating, water filled and action packed day, Ocean Mania, Ibiza's first ever-inflatable water park is definitely for you.

Although this concept is captivating to the fearless population, this day time adventure is also family friendly as well. Keep in mind swimming is a crucial piece to this, therefore if you're not a competent swimmer you must park your bum in the sand and admire from afar. This sea soiree costs 10 euros for 45 mins or (the favoured choice) 25 euros for a full day pass, - quite a steal aye? For you responsible homosapiens, don't you worry; there will be a minimum of two lifeguards monitoring the park at all times. Unfortunately for you bronzed beach babes, guests must wear life jackets at all times, say hello to your newfound farmers' tan gems and gents! If you're seeking an exhilarating, water filled and action packed day, Ocean Mania is definitely the thing for you.

Ocean Mania is open seven days a week from 11am to 8pm. Bring your A Game.

WORDS | Sara McNutt PHOTOGRAPHY | Ocean Mania

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