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Homecoming: Jon Sa Trinxa

Ten tracks from Jon's return to Las Salinas.

Some dates in the Ibiza calendar demand your instant attention: Coxy's annual birthday bash, Richie Hawtin's Cocoon date, Solomun in the port and Radio 1 weekend are just a few that spring to mind.

In the absence of those types of parties (so far, at least...), we've had to make do with sit-down affairs and pre-booked dinners in 2021.

For the most part, these have been fun, although we've sorely missed the real deal.

However, another unmissable date popped-up earlier this week, as Balearic hero Jon Sa Trinxa returned home.

The Legend of Las Salinas spent all of 2020 shielded away in Bali (there's worse places to be "stuck"). After international travel resumed, Jon finally made it back to his spiritual home, making a brace of appearances in August.

Those two days were suggested as being his only sets summer, with JST flying to England soon after.

When it was revealed that Jon would indeed be back, we knew we had to get down to Sa Trinxa.

Homecoming: Jon Sa Trinxa

Monday 4 October was the day in question, when we would head to Las Salinas and pitch-up in front of Sa Trinxa, before later grabbing a table inside and watching day turn to dusk.

Playing completely free rein and across-the-board, as ever, Jon would make it a homecoming worth remembering - a lesson in that often disputed term "Balearic". Records that would otherwise be dismissed as naff, obvious or obscure on their individual merit, suddenly given a profound makeover within the context of the other music, setting and the souls in attendance.

Here's a few highlights from the day. We're sure you'll be familiar with most.

16:15 An apt track and remix name, as JST returns to his paradise home.

16:20 The House classics would keep coming and no complaints here.

16:30 Technically, it was a pitched up instrumental version with a UKG breakdown, but we'll share the original version with you and, you get the picture. A guilty pleasure.

17:15 Hannah Reid's gorgeous vocal ringing out alongside Dot Major's piano work as waves gently lapped the shore. Oh, it was a moment.

17:25 A trippy earworm.

17:35 Giorgio Moroder's iconic synthwork, Donna's heavenly vocal, the backdrop of Las Salinas - what a combination.

18:15 Don't call it a revival, it never went away. A cat with more lives than most and a record we love to hate, but love to dance to!

19:00 If the promised land awaits, we hope it looks and sounds a little like Las Salinas.

19:15 Blind-ed by the colours in the sky as night crept in.

19:30 Ending on a high note, our final track before we took leave and wandered car-bound through the sand dunes.

If you're about, Jon Sa Trinxa returns to Sa Trinxa for one final (we think!) set of summer tomorrow, Thursday 7 October.

We very much hope to find him in his natural habitat again in 2022.

Sa Trinxa 2021 - Las Salinas - by Sharean Bennet

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