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Food review: La Plaza, Ibiza Town

Great personal service and creative culinary flair.


Why go? High-quality, creative food and excellent personal service, where we noticed many of the customers had been before, always a good sign

What kind of food is it? A combination of southern Mediterranean, French and Latin American

What's the ambience like? Its setting in a historic centre is both romantic and lively, with singing and even acrobatics to divert you

Where is it located? Within the main square of the walled citadel of Dalt Vila in the old town

Reviewer's top tip: we fully recommend you try the prawn carpaccio


Being set in one of the most beautiful parts of Ibiza Town, La Plaza is amongst several restaurants in the locale. Understated, with a lot of cute design detail, it's very Mediterranean in style, yet modern. As with most of the restaurants here, the focus is on the outside terrace, where you can soak up the buzzing atmosphere of the square and dine elegantly.

The attentive and rapid service is easily noted along with a feeling that we were the most important people there, something that you can easily see all the diners feeling. Its special charm and focus on quality ingredients for every single item served, means you really should stop by and try it out - we strongly feel you won't be disappointed.

We loved its house aperitif. Local almonds, sun-dried tomato, parmesan and chimichurri are enlivened by a cold-pressed olive oil, poured over the mix at the table, to keep its flavour intensity. Dipping the delicious bread into it was pure taste delight.

A must try: the zesty yet subtle prawn carpaccio

We loved the excellent prawn carpaccio, a perfect expression of summer food with its citrus ceviche notes, pomegranate, flower petals and soft herbs. An absolute winner.

If you like fresh mozzarella, you'll love its creamy cousin, burrata, that here, came served on a top of rocket and tomato salad, with fresh pesto and a delicious crostini with tomato confit.

Local food fans will love the spicy Ibizan sobrasada sausage in tomato sauce, topped with a soft yolked egg, served en cocotte. For those that love rich and robust flavours, this is the dish for you.

From left: Burrata, tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil pesto and the sobrasada, chorizo and egg baked "casserole"

Again, in the spirit of summer, we had two fish dishes. A tender sea bream, came with a fresh tomato sauce, basil and a side of light-as-a-feather lime-infused rice, ideal for the balmy night. If you like your fish to flake, then try the cod fillet. Its side of creamy rice with broad beans and mushrooms is more substantial, though still easy on the stomach.

Tender sea bream, with fresh tomato sauce and basil

Black-footed Ibérico pork is amongst the most tasty of pigs in the world, in my own humble opinion, so I was very happy to try the Spanish cut “pluma”. At La Plaza, it's served on buttery mashed potato with a caramelised green apple sauce that manages to be both sweet and almost zesty at the same time.

"Pluma" of Ibérico pork with caramelised green apple

A reviewer's job means you have to try the sweets. Yes, I know, what a hard life we have. If you are full from starters and mains, then we recommend the pineapple carpaccio with coconut ice cream and a sweet “crumble” topping.

Clockwise from left: pineapple carpaccio; passion fruit mousse and the "La Plaza" chocolate fondant

Similarly, the passion fruit mousse is equally light and terrifically delicious and really needs a more powerful name, such as “mouth flavour bomb”, which it is. If you've been doing your abdominal exercises religiously, then your reward should be the La Plaza chocolate fondant, as delicious a treat as there ever will be.

End note

Our desserts rounded off what was truly a lovely experience at La Plaza. It's refreshing to feel unhurried and to be treated with the warmth that the staff displays here. For us, it's as important as the excellent food they serve and will make you want to go back just as many of its customers do.


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