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How to have an Ibiza party at home

Tips and tricks for an indoor shindig.

Missing Ibiza's club scene? Does your body crave a rave?

With the coronavirus lockdown having us grounded for the time being, it doesn't mean we have to bored at home. Turn your living room into a club and invite your mates to join you online to party on in true Ibiza style.

Try out these fun suggestions and transport yourself to the world's best party island.

Deck the halls and dress up

Disco balls, lasers, strobes and led strips - even fairy lights will add a little clubland vibrancy into your living room. Combining black or coloured light bulbs with white fabric gives an instant nightclub aesthetic. You can improvise with stuff you've got at home: candles, sheets customised with your favourite Ibiza party logo and hung on the ceiling, even curtain ropes could be used to create a VIP-style entrance.

Get out your clubwear, your Hï, Amnesia or Pacha t-shirts, throw on your beach clothes or make your own costumes. If you've got any spare wigs, hats or jewellery you can go the full dress-up monty. From DJ, Ibiza hippy, full on drag look or cool cat, make it fun. If the weather allows, take it into a sunlit garden.

It's no wonder the Houseparty app has had an uptick in popularity right now, ditto Zoom. This means you can enliven your bash with a live video call between several of your mates or your family and then you really do have a party.

Do dance-offs together, vote on your favourite Ibiza tunes or share your most hilarious island moments and kick those isolation blues into touch.

Music is the answer

All good parties need a great soundtrack. Our selection of Spotify playlists will cater to anyone's electronic music taste from groovy disco to techno bangers, house hits to urban jams.

You can even listen to lockdown sessions with famous Ibiza DJs now live streaming some cool sets. Even if you don't catch a live one, you can usually get a replay. Carl Cox, Andrea Olivia, Solardo, Jamie Jones and Bob Sinclar are just a few of the names staying safe and playing from their home studios. Keep an eye on our Facebook feed for new lockdown streams coming soon.

If you want to step it up a gear, why not download applications like Pacemaker, Serato Pyro and djay Pro where you can mix and blend playlists on your mobile and be your own DJ.

Take a sip

For a taste of Ibiza in liquid form, make a jug of sangría, the taste of summer. Just a few simple ingredients, like fruit, orange juice, red wine, sugar and a stiff spirit will have you livin' la vida loca in no time. The taste alone will remind you of days spent on Las Salinas beach or fun times on the Sunset Strip.

If you can't get your hands on all of that, do as the locals on Ibiza do and make a "Tinto de Verano" - just red wine, soda and a little sugar. Failing that red wine and coca-cola is a great alternative. Watch it though, it's potent.

If you have a souvenir bottle of hierbas that you bought whilst holidaying on Ibiza, now is the time to get the shot glasses out!

Movie on up

This mockumentary film about DJ who goes completely deaf is an Ibiza cult classic

If you want a quieter Ibiza gathering why not watch a movie? There's a good number of great films set in or about Ibiza. To spice it up, you could have a shot every time the word Ibiza or DJ is mentioned. Make up your own rules but don't overdo it so you can enjoy the film.

Share the movie watching with your mates with the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party. Chat and comment on the film's best or funniest bits, as if social distancing wasn't even a concept.

Food glorious food.

A staple starter for any Ibiza party is the Mediterranean garlic and olive oil sauce known as allioli, best served with a crusty baguette. Tapas come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the simplest is a tortilla de patatas or Spanish omelette. It's easy to make, just watch Lluc make one and you too can have a taste of Ibiza holidays for the party.

If you are hankering for something more substantial for your party dinner you can't go far wrong with a paella. Check out this recipe from Julián González.

Can't cook or won't cook? Ordering a take-away will support a local business in your area and they'll appreciate your custom right now. For Ibiza locals, see our list of Ibiza eateries and shops doing deliveries.

We hope you enjoy partying at home in true Ibiza style. By staying indoors you are doing the best thing you can do right now, whilst still having fun. Stay safe and party on!

To keep informed with all the current news, including club updates visit the the Ibiza Spotlight Forum Covid-19 thread.

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