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Food review: CBbC Ebusus, Ibiza Town

A reverence for food and stylish eating elegance in the heart of Ibiza Town.


Vital statistics

Why go? Elegant dining

What kind of food is it? Traditional with a modern reboot

What diets does it cater for? Omnivorous ones, with a few vegetarian dishes

Ibiza Spotlight tip. Enjoy the lovely outside terrace and watch the world go by


The venue

CBbC Ebusus is a stylish edition to the restaurants on Ibiza Town's main square, Vara de Rey and is housed in the building of cultural and artistic group, the Ebusus Society. CBbC's adopted symbol is the Ibiza-adopted deity Bes, a god brought to Ibiza by its Phoenician settlers and from which is derived the Roman name for the island, Ebusus and the present day name, Ibiza. It would seem to be a good fit.

CBbC knows a thing or two about restaurants with a number of eateries under its aegis. Following a major refurbishment, completed last year by local architects, CBbC Ebusus is very much a traditional meets a lot of modern dining room with its high ceilings and velvet upholstered banquettes; the contemporary styling, exposed stone walls and exquisite lighting features bring it bang up to date. Outside on the ample terrace, especially in summer, you can dine in the splendour of one of Ibiza Town's most charming outside locations underneath the shade of poplar trees.

The ambience

The best way to describe the atmosphere at this place would be very much how one describes the design: elegant and understated. Also, you know you are in a refined dining space, but you don't feel ill at ease. Similarly, this could also be said for the waiting staff who are super attentive and friendly whilst being at the same time respectfully discreet. It's just the right level of service. Useful, never intrusive.

The food

Clams, meaty and tender

The menu asks you to adore the spirit of the god Bes; though what it's really asking you to do is love the great produce the restaurant offers and have a reverence for what you are about to eat. Yes, this cuisine mix of traditional Ibizan and Mediteranean Spanish with an up-to-date finish begs your adoration at its altar.

A tour around the menu reveals something for all, from smaller starters to meatier appetisers, to gorgeous salads, rice and pasta dishes, fish and meat dishes and a children's menu, the choice is almost dizzying. There's even a lobster tank.

Passion fruit spiced ceviche

Presentation is generally very pretty and all is well executed. For starters we tried an array of dishes from the “starters” and “we start with” sections. Andalusian-style battered squid with mayonnaise, was crisp on the outside with tender meat inside.

Croquettes are something that Spain really has made its own. Here they were perfected to an art form. I'd recommend anyone wanting to try a great example to come here. The rich flavour that only Iberico pork can deliver shone through these spherical delights.

Baked sea bass - tasty and delicate

Seafood and fish are specialities, so we continued with the theme with some marinated clams, which were nice and big and meaty. The only downside: we didn't order two plates of them. They went very quickly; a true taste testament. The omnipresent ceviche can have varying degrees of quality, though this one brought alive with the sweetness and a slight bitterness of passion fruit, provided a lovely equilibrium.

For mains we went with fish, meat and salad. First up, a beautifully presented baked sea bass served with patatas a lo pobre - peasant style potatoes. The delicate flakes of fish melted in the mouth with a sweetish flavour left on the palate, a dish that seems simple, though one that's quite easy to mess up. Here the skills of the chefs shone through.

Classic fillet steak dish Tournedos Rossini

Tournedos Rossini is a classic fillet steak dish, here served with a rich red wine reduction and some of the most artfully presented vegetables I have seen in a long time. A fine and tender meat affair.

Finally a salad; for a change one that was not overbearing in size. What came was a very pretty dish of leaves avocado and tomato. Panko-breadcrumb-encrusted prawns adorned the top and a delightful ponzu vinaigrette jazzed things up. At last a salad that's not just the diet option.

A lovely light berry cheesecake

We ended with two lovely, lovely desserts: a Cafe Caleta Tiramisu, which was exceptionally light, lovely and naughty. The cheesecake with red berries and caramel ice was a great combination and not at all heavy, which after a rather big meal is the last thing you want.

We were more than suitably impressed with CBbC Ebusus. It would make a delightful dining experience for a romantic dinner for two as it would for a family celebration. This restaurant is a place to dine in style and enjoy pleasant company and we dare you not to enjoy it.

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