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Ibiza workers in the spotlight | Ricky Metcalfe

Mobile hairdresser.

Ibiza is an island with infinite opportunity for those who want to further their career. Our worker series aims to give you an insight into the entrepreneurial mindset of people using their talents to make waves on the White Isle.

No matter your profession, opportunity lies in wait here. All you need is some know-how, a little investment, a good network and a tonne of commitment. Diplomas and degrees play second-fiddle to imagination and passion here. No slacking now. Only the workhorses thrive.

This time we focus on Ricky Metcalfe, who has gone from being a barber for the worker population to cutting and fading for the island's favourite DJs.

I sat down for a trim - and to talk about his flourishing businesses.

Ricky Metcalfe, 32, United Kingdom
Self-employed Barber

How many seasons have you done?

"This will be my third season in Ibiza - living here for just over two of those. I work independently, doing hairdressing and barbering. My business is called Shadesnfades.

In the past year, out of season I have been fortunate enough to travel to Uganda with the ABODE crew and volunteer at its community projects there."

What does a typical day in your job entail?

"I meet clients at their homes, driving all over the island to reach them. I have lots of different types of appointments from groups for weddings to cutting hair for famous DJs, workers and tourists alike.

It's pretty interesting every day, meeting people from different walks of life.

I've also started up another company this year called Ibiza Concierge Company with my business partner, Joe Harpham. We specialise in private boat rental, so I'm keeping busier than ever."

IMAGE | by Marc de Groot

"Mine and Joe's spare time is all about sending quotes, advertisement and broadening our services.

I also pitch in with the maintenance of the boat, stocking it with drinks, being first point of contact for our clients and introducing them to the captain."

What is the best thing about your jobs?

"I would say meeting all the different types of people and travelling around the island. I get to cut hair in loads of really nice villas too. Being in these different places, I get to see all these amazing views and scenery. It definitely beats sitting at the same desk in an office.

Both businesses have opened up a network on the island. It's incredible the type of people you meet just from cutting hair. And people are happy to chat whilst I'm doing it, so you get to learn a lot about them. I'm excited for the future and its endless possibilities."

What is the worst thing about your job?

"It is a lot of travelling and long hours, but that's about it really. Oh yeah, the heat! Sometimes not being in an air-conditioned building can be a challenge at the height of the summer, but really I prefer being mobile than working in a shop any day. I prefer the freedom of it."

How did you get into this job role?

"I didn't know what to do when I left school. My teachers were always telling me to do some kind of trade or go to university. It was actually my mum who said, why don't I try hairdressing. So I went to the local Toni & Guy and filled in the application form.

It never occurred to me to do it at first, but I'm so glad I did because of where I am today. With regards to the boat, Joe and I had been talking about setting up the company for a while.

After months of planning, we started putting our ideas into motion. After we found the perfect boat, we've not looked back since."

What has been your favourite party this season?

"I haven't been to a lot of clubs this year, mainly because I'm so busy. However, I would say my favourite party is HotBed at O Beach. The music and atmosphere is amazing and I have loved watching this party establish itself and become an island favourite."

Give us your top workers tip.

"As a word of advice, I would say don't smash it all at the beginning of the season. You'll be worn out before the end, which is the best part."

Tell us your favourite Ibiza moment from this summer?

"Taking the boat out has been loads of fun. Sailing out to anchor at places like Cala Tarida and hopping off for a swim is fantastic. Occasionally, I go and watch the sunset in front of Café Mambo.

Only a year or so ago, I would sit out on the rocks see the boats there and want one of my own. Now I do. Living the dream. It's definitely a goal of mine ticked off."

Thank you, Ricky. Not only for the chat, but for my long overdue haircut.

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