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Sa Punta's rooftop window to the East

Patchwork entices you to share under the stars.


Patchwork, a dazzling rooftop terrace

As you step onto the top deck of Sa Punta restaurant in Talamanca, after passing through the minimalist cool of the lower levels, you are struck by the dazzling colours of rooftop restaurant - Patchwork. Furnished, by their in-house design store, with vivid splashes of colour from the Near East and India, alongside some quirky modern Western icons, the effect is a stark contrast to the restaurants below and gives Patchwork a strong, individual identity.

The terrace fills up early with large parties of colourful and glamorous diners of all ages, wishing to enjoy the fabulous view and the last rays of the early evening sun. Cameras pop as boats come home to anchor in the bay of Talamanca and the sun sinks below the mountains behind Dalt Vila. The exotic atmosphere is completed by occasional enticing wafts of smoky aromas from spices roasting in the kitchens below.

Beware of the mule

In typical Spotlight fashion we like to begin every restaurant visit with a browse through the cocktail menu. We could not resist the house special cocktail, Mi Casa es Tu Casa, which is served loaded with ice inside the decapitated head of Dr Fu Manchu! This vibrant mix of tequila, orgeat (a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water), lime and yuzu juice and Sol beer, topped with slices of passion fruit and lime, is no three-sip-wonder. This is a cocktail that just keeps going and is perfect for a warm summer's evening. Another best seller from the long list of Sa Punta cocktails is the Pepper Mule - an aggressive mix of vodka, cucumber, pepper, fresh ginger, lime juice and ginger beer rides into town on the back of a red donkey and it really does wake you up with a kick like a mule. Strictly for ginger freaks only, it is so strong it even made me sneeze!

Eastern Mediterranean delicacies

When the sun has finally set the restaurant takes on a new subtler identity, illuminated by numerous subdued lanterns and it is now time to eat. Restaurant manager, Christian, treated us to a degustation menu and all the favourites of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine were here. Our meal commenced with a mixed mezzo completo, consisting of delicate falafels, very finely-chopped tabbouleh, a spicy kibbeh, an amazing lamb sambousek, baba ganoush, khyar bi laban (yogurt dip) and the ubiquitous hummus. Along with a big bowl of spicy Batata Hara and pitta bread it was an ample spread and fun to share, although we would highly recommend ordering an extra ration of the lamb sambousek so that no one gets hurt in the fight. Every flavour and aroma was subtle and never overpowering and each element went down equally well with a cold beer or a light sauvignon blanc.

Our mezzo was followed by a main course of moussaka and a mixed grill of lemon marinaded chicken brochetas and lamb koftas, served with basmati rice and more of the delicious tabbouleh. Although not strictly 'Lebanese' the creamy moussaka was a welcome addition to the table. There were no major surprises here but everything was exactly as it should be. We complimented the main courses with a fruity Cloudy Bay Chardonnay from New Zealand and a sturdy Ribera del Duero red. Both wines were more than capable of standing up to the robust seasoning of the meat dishes and the salty béchamel of the moussaka.

Dessert prepared with absolute finesse

For us the main attractions of the night were the stunning desserts. The first, a chilled soup of orange slices with pine nuts, mint and raisons, was the perfect palate refresher before moving on to the beautiful plate of Baklava. Each individually crafted pastry on the plate was prepared with absolute finesse and love for these pistachio treats. Careful diplomacy was required to avoid another dispute erupting over each piece.

At Patchwork you don't only get to enjoy one of the iconic vistas of Ibiza. Every dish is prepared with the usual skill and attention that regular diners come to expect from the Sa Punta kitchen, but for a fraction of the price. The food elements of our night amounted to €80 for three, which is undeniably good value in todays inflated market. For anyone looking to sample the authentic taste of the Levant, at reasonable prices, we can guarantee that you will be very satisfied with a night at Patchwork.


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