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Sol Beach House - upgrade your holiday

Few Ibiza residents or visitors are aware of the opportunities they have to enjoy the facilities and services offered by certain hotels on the island.

Having already stayed at Sol Beach House, we were keen to return to try out the experience as day visitors.

Service at the touch of a button

Despite being at full occupancy in high Season, there were plenty of poolside beds available and the noise level around the pool terrace never rose above a quiet chatter. For €80 euros, we rented a Balinese day bed on the front line to the sea, giving us €50 euros credit to spend in the Ginger Juice Bar or the Shack restaurant. Both bars offer a wide choice of freshly pressed juice and healthy food options. All day the waiting staff maintain their fast and courteous service - press the call button and your waiter appears almost simultaneously.

From our position, the view was superb and very easy on the eye; watching windsurfers and jet skiers playing on the waves, and the occasional super yacht gliding by. It's rare for me to enjoy a full day in direct sunlight but a brisk, cooling sea breeze gave us a welcome respite from the intense August heat. A few intrepid guests were even cooling off by taking a plunge into the sea from the rocks in front of the hotel.

Enjoy all the facilities

For the price of the day bed, visitors have the chance to enjoy all of the facilities in the pool terrace area. Massages can be booked at reception for an extra €45. We had been hoping to sneak into the Wat Su aerobics class in the small pool but, unfortunately, it wasn't running today. Instead we just opted to soak up the rays and listen to the tranquil music. Massive Attack's 'Protection', lulled me into a contented snooze.

Detox delivered

Today was all about recovery, so we started off in the best possible way with a couple of freshly blended juices: The Vegan Vampire, a sweet blend of beetroot, pineapple, strawberry with lemon juice with just a touch of ginger, and the Antiox, a zingy and pleasantly sour mix of banana, lemon and lime, kiwi and ginger. The juices were delivered to our bed with a thoughtfully prepared plate of fresh fruit.

Work out and a healthy refuel

After a light work out in the gym and a few lazy lengths of the pool, it was time to settle down for lunch. We chose a couple of healthy salads from their impressive selection: a caprese with buffala, tomatoes, kale and rocket, dressed in oil made from Arbequinas (aromatic middle-eastern olives) and a Caesar salad with breaded chicken breast, crispy croutons, a good handful of Parmesan and caesar sauce on a deep bed of kale and rocket. Lunch was washed down with our nominated ‘Drink of the Day' - a deliciously smooth mango and pineapple daiquiri. To relax in the sunshine sipping one of these beauties was a real delight.

Full refresh

We walked out of the Sol Beach House into the late afternoon sun, feeling fully refreshed and arrived home tanned, happy and relaxed. For me it was the perfect tonic after a recent illness and a great opportunity to avoid the packed beaches. With the cost of a day at the beach in Ibiza threatening to spiral out of control, Sol Beach House makes a very reasonable alternative. So, why not treat yourself to a peaceful day away from the daily routine or give a little upgrade to your holiday?

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