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San Rafael - an Ibiza oasis of calm

Gastronomy and fine ceramics

Where and what?

San Rafael is roughly midway between San Antonio and Ibiza Town and whilst small, punches above its weight in places to eat and drink. Once you drive in, a seeming sense of calm hits you and here you won't get crowded out by people. It's also home to two super-clubs, Privilege and Amnesia: both are very close so if you are staying here you could be just a short stroll away.

What's the story?

A quaint and nicely quiet little village. You will see a lovely old whitewashed church, which gives excellent views of Ibiza Town and the sea. It is the only place on the island to be declared a place of artisan interest for craftsmanship, in this case pottery. Some of the pieces use methods and styles that date back to the Carthaginian occupation.

Why go?

There are a number of good restaurants here including the famous Can Pilot and its superb grilled meats including a great steak dish that you can cook yourself at the table. Just down the road, La Belle Ibiza offers a french menu, refined, creative and generous, fused with European, Mediterranean and Asian influences. Also on the same street you'll find the top rated vegan restaurant, The Rabbit Hole. Just outside of the town is Las Dos Lunas with its high quality Italian food. Then of course there are the pottery shops that also do workshops and courses for people to try their hand. Ceramicas Icardi deploys the methods of those old Ibiza invaders. You'll be helping keep tradition alive.

Las dos Lunas

How do I enjoy it?

The best thing to do is to come here and park up and take a walk around. There's a small kiosk selling home made ice creams on the main high street and the many restaurants should tempt you to go at most times of day. Browsing in the ceramic shops is a must where you can get some highly original pieces. Take a drive around the pretty countryside that surrounds it afterwards and take in the red earth fields, the brightly coloured bougainvillea and pretty white villas.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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