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Insider A -Z of Ibiza: Z is for Zen

Find your zen!

Ibiza, although synonymous with parties, clubs, music and nightlife, also harbours a spellbinding tranquility that so many people seem to relate to. The spirituality of the island resonates with individuals in a way that is difficult to articulate. Ibiza really is a feeling, diverse and complex and totally rare.

The word zen is described as being a meditative state and there are so many places and things that the island has to offer that make us almost trance-like! Here, in my final feature for the Insider's A to Z, I highlight a few things that warm my cockles and make Ibiza so damn unique. Here's where I find my ‘Zen'...


Those few minutes in Ibiza, when the sun disappears below the horizon, is a time that almost stands still. All over the island, in the prime viewing spots, whether that be on the Sunset Strip in San Antonio, above Es Vedra, or on the beach, people fall silent and share that special moment which feels just as extraordinary every day.

Insider Info - Aside from at the obvious spots - Mambo, the Es Vedra pirate tower or El Cielo (all featured in my previous entries to the Insider's Guide), witnessing this phenomenon in its various forms anywhere is always breathtaking. There's a different experience waiting for you at every location on the island. The local's latest favourite is Hostal La Torre situated only minutes from San Antonio's famous sunset strip, yet it couldn't feel more different. This Spanish style finca is set on rocks overlooking the sea and has recently had a mini-makeover. Whilst keeping its old traditional feel, some modern twists have been injected and some of the best Balearic DJs on the island employed to soundtrack those special moments.


Just as enchanting is sunrise. Visible predominantly on the East of the island, dawn is pretty awe-inspiring too! You may be rising at this time, or perhaps just leaving the club, but the mornings when the sun peeks out from the sea and smothers the island in a golden bath of light, will never fail to put a smile on your face and set you up for a million more Ibiza experiences.

Insider Info - Talamanca is a fabulous spot to watch the sunrise. The beach is generally quiet at this time of the morning all year round, save for a few dog walkers and keen joggers. The sun rises straight out of the sea in the bay and the calm is almost tangible. Then pop to Bar Flotante, grab yourself a table in the sand and order your morning coffee. There's no better way to start your day!


If there is one thing that cultivates a meditative state, then it is the amount of food in every form available in Ibiza. From high-end fine dining to street side tapas, the options are endless and it would take you years to eat your way around the island. I'm still trying! And to counteract those post-party feelings, there are a whole bunch of new raw food and health food establishments popping up. Just right to try and find inner peace after a few days on the booze! Definitely worth checking out are Passion Cafe in Marina Botafoch for a Superfood Smoothie and Wild Beats in Santa Gertrudis for some raw tacos and the most cunningly non-indulgent raw cacao brownies. Not so naughty, but ever so nice!

Insider Info - One of the busiest morning stop offs in the new town of Ibiza is Es Tap Nou Cafe, hidden up a side street behind Avenida D'Ignacio Wallis near Vara De Rey. Attached to a fruit and veg store, they serve up deliciously fresh juices of the day and homemade salads and soup at rock bottom prices. Who said zen has to be expensive?!


Ibiza is bursting at the seams with organised retreats, designed to assist you in achieving your zen. From yoga to detox, there's something for everyone, and all located in utterly stunning locations across the White Isle. Luxury villas become the backdrop for regaining your glow; a million miles away from your typical dancefloor! Check out my previous R is for Retreats article for some recommendations.

Insider Info - One of our favourite spots to party, Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel, hold regular yoga classes within their enchanting grounds, known as their Rockovery. Jo Youle's Joga is ever popular and a dynamic way to restore your partying prowess. And keeping in theme with Pike's cheeky, winky face, Lisa Shaw's Voga, which is rocking yoga studios in London and LA, combines stretching and posing to an 80s beat. Divine intervention!


This wouldn't be an Insider's Guide to Ibiza if it didn't mention music! The island's soul is steeped in it and music defines every inch of the Ibiza experience. You can't escape the constant soundtrack - in the club, at the beach, in the corner shop... And why would you want to!? The way that the island breathes music 24 hours a day is what makes it unique and one of the main reasons that we love it so!

Insider Info - If the big super clubs aren't for you, see my earlier articles - U is for Underground Parties and O is for Off the Beaten Track. There are a plethora of alternative musical experiences to choose from that don't involve you going to the places you see advertised on the huge billboards across the island. Las Dalias in the north with its hippy market and live music feels timelessly unspoilt and is well worth the trip out of town. Wax Da Jam and Namaste are particularly refreshing, both musically and in their laid back and free-thinking attitude. A much calmer way to approach a night out.

And so I conclude my A to Z series. Writing it for 26 weeks has served as a joyful reminder of how much the island has to offer - and we have only covered a fraction of it! Ibiza never ceases to surprise. A wondrous juxtaposition of the über-modern and traditional culture whilst constantly evolving in a most effortless manner. We just can't wait to see which direction it will grow in next. But one thing is for sure, Ibiza is one unique place. No wonder we are so damn passionate about it and everything that comes with it...

Insider's A - Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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