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Review: Sissi's - grilled to perfection

The place to meat in Bossa


If you're around Playa d'en Bossa, you might be forgiven for thinking that food options are a little biased towards a younger crowd. Not so! Sissi's, a large open-air restaurant with a vast smorgasbord of choice takes up where the burger joints leave off. As well as its famous grilled meats, you are taken around the world with traditional dishes from Mexico, Sushi from Japan and pasta and pizza from Italy. This huge array of food does mean that there really is something for everyone at all price levels. Everything looks good. A neighbours spaghetti with mussels looked like a piece of art and another one's fish arrived on a huge platter to share, though lord knows how they got through it all. Big here is evidently better.

Despite being in one of the busiest parts of the area, once you are in off the streets you get a huge sweeping expansive open air area with some relative quiet. There's ample parking at the back too if you are driving in and it was welcome not having to park up and walk a good distance, which during an Ibiza summer is often the case. There's also a stage for entertainment during the week, with a great guitarist when we went and then there's cabaret and acrobat shows on other week days. Greeting you at the door is a bit of island theatre with a glamorous mermaid reclining on a sofa to welcome you in.

Complimentary cava

There's a few classic cocktails and lots of different types of mojitos, things like violet or passion fruit. We went for an original and one with watermelon to get things started and would have loved to have tried some of the other flavour combos, but driving as we did thought better of it. They are worth trying out, so do have a go if you fancy a pre-dinner drink. All guests get a complimentary glass of cava, bread, alioli, olives and salami on arrival; it's just a thing they do and no one is going to complain about such a nice touch.

The place is known for its grill and all the action takes place in the open air; there's a fridge with all the meat on display in front and you'll also see fresh fish and a nearby lobster tank. We settled into a starter of lightly seared foie gras with berries and a balsamic glaze, which was presented really beautifully. I love the taste of goose liver and this did not disappoint: it literally melted in the mouth and the tart berries added freshness and bite. The starters are quite big, so sharing is a good option, especially if you are going for the main we went for.

Grilled to your liking

Sissi's grill speciality is its chuleton, a long cut of t-bone steak that is absolutely huge and our choice for the evening. They recommend sharing this one and so do we as it is more than adequate for two people. They bring out a small charcoal, grill, a hefty amount of sea salt and the vegetable accompaniment first. Then, the steak arrives with a little fanfare, simply seared on the outside, cut off the bone and in slices ready to be finished off on the small grill to your liking. And what a steak it is: moist, tender, packed with deep flavour, the marbled fat at the end adding another taste dimension. You could write a poem about it, marry it or just simply run away with it.

After this, there simply wasn't enough room for pudding, although we would have liked to try some, our stomachs wouldn't let us. There are hot desserts, pastries and ice creams, again a selection that will satisfy a large number of people. We took them up on a post dinner shot of hierbas as it was all we could manage.

Choice aplenty

You really will be spoilt for choice when you come here. There are lots of surprises on the menu like kangaroo meat and caviar. They serve a roast suckling pig, have an extensive selection of fish and some nice sounding speciality dishes. The place was humming with people soon after we got there; it's a popular place and one that opens into the early hours too, so you can make like a local and venture out late to eat. Sissi's provides the area with much needed choice and if you are staying around there, it's worth the visit.

Quick Facts

What? Asador Sissi (Sissi's Grill)

Where? Carrer de les Begònies, Playa d'en Bossa

Why? The tasty grills, the vast choice, the haven from the noise of the streets

Average spend per head? €35 for a starter and main without wine

Veggie Options? Options are limited, there is no real dedicated vegetarian dish, though pizza and pasta options are available

Disabled Facilites? It's all on one level and easy to access with an additional entrance at the rear from its car park

Top tips? Go for the chuleton go for the chuleton!!

Room for Improvement? The service was a little slow on occasions, though they did have a huge influx of people that came in at once and that tests the mettle of any restaurant


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