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Can Horse, Ibiza

Ibiza residents are famous for supporting animal charities. Here’s your chance to meet the rescue horses at San Lorenzo’s Can Horse.

Saturday 18th October sees an end of season charity event at San Lorenzo's Can Horse. Set to take place from 2pm until 7.30pm, this fab Ibiza event is free to all and aims to raise money for horses in need.

You can expect entertainment, a live band and a friendly, family atmosphere. Refreshments have also been very generously laid on for the occasion. Whilst the entertainment and refreshments are free of charge, you are, of course, very welcome to make a donation.

Can Horse is a non-profit organisation based at a farm in San Lorenzo, Ibiza. Created and directed by Gloria Geseri, the association aims to provide a home for horses that have been abused or neglected, providing them with food, water, shelter, and medical care. Can Horse Ibiza, as is the case for most of the animal charities on the island, solely relies on donations and does not receive any local or governmental subsidy. And they don't just rescue horses either - their latest resident is the very handsome Rocio, a rescued baby donkey!

The centre is located at km 14.5, just off the San Juan road parallel to fellow animal centre, Can Dog (look out for the big pink rock near the Can Dog sign, then follow the dirt road). The devoted team there are dedicated to not just rescuing abandoned horses, but also run regular equestrian courses and special horse-riding trips. They even continue to sponsor horses that have been successfully rehabilitated.

Immanuel Cape, Director of CAPADI and organiser of the event commented:

“I met Gloria last season when I visited Can Horse for the first time. I was impressed by her determination to help the horses. Caring for these horses is expensive so we are keen to help raise money for this worthy cause.”

Gloria Geseri, owner of Can Horse Ibiza explained:

“All donations will be used to improve and extend the facilities and the care of the horses including our newest addition to the family, Rocio the baby donkey. We look forward to meeting new people from the island and showing them what we do here at Can Horse.”

We at Ibiza Spotlight think it sounds like a great day out in nature for the whole family and the perfect opportunity to meet fellow animal lovers, learn about horses, volunteering opportunities and support a great Ibiza charity. Enjoy!

For more information call 665905342 or 663845658


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