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Love Ibiza? Love good beer? You're going to love this!

New, genuine full-bodied beer from the heart of the island, made with premium, natural ingredients and 100% of the water comes from a spring in Ibiza. Pure class.

Last Friday, 25th April saw the launch of an exciting new brand during an afternoon of taste, tradition and new experiences at Restaurant La Escollera in Es Cavallet.

Payesa - Made of Ibiza are the producers of a genuine beer from the heart of the island. Their full-bodied beer is made with premium, natural ingredients and 100% of the water comes from a spring in Ibiza.

At the core of Payesa (locally interpreted as ‘people of the country'), is the desire to protect the age-old traditions which have supplied us with natural and delicious products throughout the ages and of course, to produce a beer that people will love!

Live during the event, island-renowned artist, Jerom, created his impression of Payesa, with the finished artwork being sold and proceeds donated to The Association of Organic Producers of Ibiza and Formentera (APAEEF). This non-profit organisation work for the promotion of organic farming, the preservation of biodiversity, the conservation of traditional techniques and the cultural richness of Ibiza and Formentera.

The musical backdrop was courtesy of Immaculate Ibiza, who played a fusion of Ibicencan folklore (with recordings from last century) and electronic music. Also showcased at the launch was a selection of exclusive outfits by well-known designer, Toni Bonet. Toni's designs are made with the modern Payesa in mind and with a respect for the traditional Ibiza dress.

Payesa is a true celebration of the unique spirit and passion of this island. Its three key partners, Alfonso Gimenez, Alexander Somm and Javier Gomez, are keen to give back to Ibiza and to contribute towards nurturing a sustainable ecological future.

To sum up… "From the beginning of time, humans have always wanted to protect their land and care for their neighbours. Payesa was born from the wish to promote local richness and preserve the Ibiza that we all love."

Amen to that!

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