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Review: Sa Capella Restaurant, San Antonio, 2013

Number 1 restaurant on the island, 2012, Sa Capella remains at the top of the romantic dining experience, 2013 and their fans won't be in the least surprised.

When a very good friend of mine asked me where on the island to take his wife for their eleven year anniversary, there was no hesitation in my reply.

Sa Capella.

The epitome of class, of exquisite food, of outstanding service, of understated luxury, Sa Capella was - and this will be of no surprise to those who have dined there - once awarded the accolade of one of the Top Ten Restaurants in the World. It is also exquisitely romantic and absolutely perfect for those special intimate occasions.

Situated just outside San Antonio, Sa Capella restaurant was originally built to be a church (see 2012 Sa Capella review for more details in this fascinating story)

2012 - No. 1 Restaurant on Ibiza

We booked our table late in the season 2013. A time when staff, island-wide, are exhausted and for some, the nights so unbearably hot, one can't help but sink into a summer stupor... This is the most trying time for restaurants on the island. Any establishment of note will be booked full every night, seven nights a week.

The candles were lit, the staff moving about effortlessly in pristine white traditional uniforms, the smiles of welcome, genuine.

I had requested an outdoor table, on the gently illuminated terrace. Thick, luxurious table cloths, deep comfortable chairs, tables beautifully spaced apart so there was no sense of intruding nor intrusion from other diners.

My guest and I giggled over our starter selection. The menu is strongly Spanish influenced and some of the dishes might seem unusual but our experience has been that each unfailingly works and works well (after last years review, I was so impressed that I returned before the end of the 2012 season) Hence our amusement. We each wanted about six starters!


Sa Capella is not ever an experience you want to rush and wonderfully, refreshingly for a restaurant of such a calibre, your table is for the night. This element of indulgence however does not mean the service is slack. Quite the contrary. The service is discreet but impeccable.


Indeed as we enjoyed our starters (Salmon rolls and Tuna with goats cheese and strawberry, respectively) we grinned to see another table order crepes for dessert. This dish is cooked at the table and one of the diners was offered a chef's hat and apron and encouraged to assist with the rather spectacular preparation. It made for quite an event (ably assisted by the member of staff irreverently holding up the brandy bottle and crossing him as he uttered a blessing, to the amusement of the other tables)

A dish for two, Ox Steak on a bed of salt is cooked at the table and would test the largest of appetites. It was, as we had anticipated, superb. So good that despite being comfortably full, we just couldn't not polish it off. My much discussed diet would have to wait for another night...

Value for money

With this degree of excellence, one matter does seem to worry people...

Many want to experience and enjoy fine dining but are terrified they are going to need a second mortgage to afford it. For perspective, you can order a good bottle of wine with your meal for less than 20€. In fact, our three course meal for two, with wine, coffee, heirbas and pan y ali-oli was staggeringly less than 135€. Total.

Last year I observed I would have happily have paid double and still thought my evening good value. It holds true for 2013, as you will perhaps have gathered.

Visitors to the island are often also concerned about attire for such a venue... This is Ibiza and whilst ripped jeans, shorts and flip-flops might be pushing it a little, casual to smart formal is perfectly acceptable. Relax, enjoy!


As to my friend who wanted somewhere special to celebrate his eleven year wedding anniversary, he checked in on Facebook later in the evening -

"Bloody awesome - thanks Cat Milton -at Sa Capella"

It seems to be the general consensus and is of no surprise to me at all. After two seasons of reviewing restaurants across Ibiza, Sa Capella remains unique and extraordinary and I am delighted to be able to recommend it.

Psst. Sa Capella also make their own heirbas, the local island liquor. This is invariably offered to you at the end of your meal, compliments of the establishment. It's so good, I purchased a bottle to take home - a fantastic memento of another exquisite evening.

To Book

Please see below for Quick Facts but to see map or make a reservation, go to Sa Capella Restaurant, San Antonio, Ibiza

Quick Facts

What? Sa Capella Restaurant

Where? Outskirts of San Antonio

When? From 8pm onwards, open May – October

Why? Exquisite fine dining in a gorgeous setting

Average Spend per Head? Three courses, not incl drinks – 45-55 euro

Veggie Options? Appear limited on Menu but Chef happy to oblige all dietary requirements – call first if you have any concerns

Disabled Facilities? Limited

Top Tip? Make a Reservation!
If you're looking for an Ibiza Memento, ask to purchase a bottle of the restaurants Heirbas, the island liquor – it is superb!

Room for Improvement? Can we make the Summer longer so we've more opportunity of visiting again before end of season? Please and thank you!

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