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Ibiza Winter: Talamanca

Direct winter flights to Ibiza by Ryanair have given the British the same opportunity

Direct winter flights to Ibiza by Ryanair have given the British the same opportunity as the Spanish to see just how tranquil and beautiful Ibiza is in the cool season.

We took a trip to Talamanca on Sunday to see what's available for 'winter' tourists. We deliberately chose this area as last year the hoteliers and commercial businesses in the area supported a promotion called 'Talamanca – Open All Year.'

Blue Sea and Sky

Warm and sunny, its proximity to Ibiza town and upmarket housing developments had brought many people out, taking a 'paseo' on the wooden boardwalk along the beach, taking a coffee and chatting with friends' and sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

Sunbathing in November

There are bars and restaurants dotted along the beach that give a wide choice of dining opportunities. The Bar Flotante is a favourite with the locals, at the Hostel Talamanca and La Barraca you can dine in style on the beach-side terrace and at some of the smaller places you can bask in the sun with a three course set meal for as little as €10!

Chatting in the Sunshine

A similar, wide choice of accommodation exists throughout the cool season too. Somewhat cheaper than in the heat of summer, you can treat yourself at the luxury Pacha or Gran Hotels or choose four star style at the Argos, Simbad or Ocean Drive. Small and friendly stays can be had at the Lux Isla Hotel or Talamanca Hostel.

View to Ibiza

The posh Marina Botafoch, complete with millionaires' yachts, upmarket shops, bars and restaurants is just a stroll away and as Ibiza town is just a little further there are plenty of options to keep occupied on a weekend break to Ibiza.

With Ryanair's flights from London Stansted on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday you could hop over and see what Pacha looks like on a Saturday night without the crowds of August!

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