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Lost in Ibiza

You know how it is when you're in Ibiza airport

You know how it is when you're in Ibiza airport, so excited about going home that you leave all your personal possessions behind in your rush to be first on the plane? Last year the lost property office in the airport received 1800 items left behind by people travelling home from Ibiza.

More than half of them were left in the busy months of July, August and September when the airport is at its busiest, but strangely most of the objects belonged to foreign travellers. It seems that Spanish visitors are much more careful with their possessions when on holiday.

So what do we leave behind in our eagerness to get away from Ibiza? Watches, belts, wallets, drums, hats, rings, jewellery, bags and suitcases are the most common finds by cleaning staff, security or fellow passengers and one time somebody left a wedding dress behind!

The items are kept for a year, and if nobody reclaims them (only 300 items were reclaimed last year) they are given to charity.

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