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Degusta IV Ibiza

It's that time of year in Ibiza when everyone's a winner

It's that time of year in Ibiza when everyone's a winner. The 4th annual Degusta 'competition' gets under way this month and lasts until March. You may remember that each year a group of restaurants participate in this scheme to offer clients a 4 or 5 course special menu with wine for €35 per person. At the end of the meal, happy customers can vote for their favourite restaurant, and by doing so, be entered into a raffle for a cool prize.
This year a super special €65 VIP meal has been introduced by some of the eateries which have the Degusta menu on at various times and days of the week. This year you can sample the fantastic fare at 12 great places which are, in no particular order:

La Barraca - 971 193463
Ample 32 – 971344867
Ibiscus Bistro (Hotel Fenicia) 971 807000
Ca Na Sofia – 971 808273
Costa Mara (Gran Hotel) – 971 806806
El Hotel Pacha – 971 315963
Es Ventall – 971 341729
Jackpot (Ibiza Casino) – 971 313312
La Barraca – 971 396714
La Sal (H. Aguas de Ibiza) 971 319991
Machan (Terranova) 971 338135
Nassau – 971 396714
XTU – 971 330332

Enjoy, and as they say in Ibiza, 'Bon Profit!'

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