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Hot new tracks for July 2019

Top releases from June.

June has been a great month. Not only for the crazy opening parties, but for hot new releases in the world of dance music.

We have been treated to an array of melodic, deep house beats and pounding techno basslines over the past weeks. After spending a lot of time on the dance floor, we have found time to dig through our promos and list our top picks of the freshest tunes just for you. Enjoy.

Jean Claude Ades | Say Goodbye | Monaberry | 14 June

Say Goodbye combines a juicy smooth groove with an irresistible arpeggio and peak time break, accompanied by soulful vocals and ethno percussion. Overall a totally enchanting tune.

Should you be a fan of this track, check out Jean Claude Ades's weekly Friday night party B!Crazy at HEART to catch more of the French DJ's creative mixes.

Daphni feat Paradise | Sizzling | Jiaolong | 6 June

Groovey, funky and soulful - Sizzling is all of these things. Here we have a disco-infused dance track with pumping, bassy beats embedded into the roots of the backing track.

An array of upbeat percussion instruments, fiery vocals, piano runs and a saxophone topline make Daphni and Paradise's creation the ultimate mood-booster.

Sonny Fodera feat Lilly Ahlberg | The Moment | Solotoko | 7 June

The Moment is the love-child of angelic, acoustic singer Lilly Ahlberg and electronic dance pioneer Sonny Fodera. The production builds steadily to reach a thumping bass drop with buzzing synths bursting into the soundscape.

One thing is for certain, this is a summer banger that will only get bigger as the season unfolds.

Nakadia | Acid Storm | Intec | 14 June

Nakadia is no stranger to the decks of the white isle. Often playing parties such as Zoo Project, she has popped up at IDOL most recently. With more dates left this season, we hope to hear the sounds of her new EP across the summer.

The lead track Acid Storm, features sporadic electro elements that rapidly fluctuate between pitches. This all builds nicely into purebred techno. We can definitely hear influences of her time in the Berlin club scene seeping through with this one.

DC Salas | Dawn Nostalgia | Correspondants | 14 June

A purely electronic track where the music does the talking. Deep drum beats form the basis of DC Salas' Dawn Nostalgia, topped with a euphoric synthesized topline that guides us through the track.

Channelling influences of new beat, this is a track we would love to hear in the clubs of Ibiza sometime soon.

Hilton Caswell | Mi Sola | Shanghaied | 16 June

Hilton Caswell delivers a strong tech house production with a sporadic clash of sounds over the top. Samples of tribal drums, hype-man vocals and distorted beats, all come together nicely to create an intriguing sound. One which we can't help but dance too.

We imagine that fellow elrow ravers would love to hear this at the weekly Saturday party. Part of the label's second annual Ibiza sampler, it's time to get Shanghaied.

S.A.M | Fury's Laughter | PIV | 17 June

A modern masterpiece with hints of old school influences. Fury's Laughter has a funky underlying rhythm delivered through a fluctuating bassline. This leads right to a bridge to the unexpected. The choruses are a collection of sounds spun into a web of catchy electro waves.

Wispy female vocals lead us into the final chorus with synth interlude backing track, then it's straight back into a funky beat. Danish DJ S.A.M is certainly experimental in his production. In case you hadn't realised already, this is set to be massive.

Dido | Take You Home (Undercatt Remix) | BMG | 21 June

Already a summer tune in it's own right, Undercatt put a darker, tech house twist on their remix of Dido's Take You Home. A steady beat uplifts the rhythm with harmonic, percussive samples throughout the topline.

As the track peaks we dive deeper into the rich sounds of this masterful tech house remix. This is the type of mix we could imagine being played at weekly underground techno mecca Afterlife at Hï Ibiza.

Athea | Hangdrum of Ginza (Fur Coat Remix)| Knee Deep In Sound | 21 June

We love the deep tech vibe combined with razor sharp electro waves throughout Fur Coat's remix of Athea's Hangdrum of Ginza. Dark, moody vibes pump out of the speakers, which would only intensify if played at any of Ibiza's super-clubs.

Laving a mist of euphoria in the hanging in the air, we can't get enough of the latest Knee Deep In Sound release.

Rob Hes & Alex Mine | Falling Lines | Pursuit | 28 June

Taking us on a journey to the darker side of techno is Alex Mine and Rob Hes with their new track, Falling Lines. A collaboration from the pair, as they join forces to create a composition of pulsating beats and mysterious soundwaves.

Perhaps most striking about this track, is the crisp production. Every sonic overture is mixed to the highest standard. Bliss to our ears.

We will be back next month with our latest round of selections. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our Spotify channel, which is updated weekly.

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