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Season Review 2010: Privilege

The Sant Rafel giant saw new management, new programming and mixed fortunes in 2010.

Monday - Tiesto

Easily the club's most high profile night and still one of the most popular nights on the island, Tiesto can chalk off another excellent season, which saw his brand of pop-dance-electro-trance cater for and attract increasing numbers of non-electronic music clubber in Ibiza. The production for his parties is second to none and despite taking a bit of a hit from the unbelievable success of the Swedish House Mafia at Pacha, Mondays at Privilege were still a hot ticket on the island.

Tuesday – My Clubroom

What can you say about DJ Sammy? Actually, let's not play that game. A new night for 2010, built on some pretty basic promoting principles like ‘free entry' and ‘mainstream electro' actually made for an fun party. With DJ costs at a minimum and generally healthy numbers of people wanting to experience the giant club for free, we can expect to see this one back again next year.

Wednesday – Warung

It's a cliché that clubbing in Ibiza is just a numbers game, but it's not the number of people in the club, it's the bottom line figure on the balance sheet. Unfortunately for Warung, a host of expensive but non-crowd pulling DJs - many of whom were then cancelled as the season went on, added to the fact that very few people paid to get in to the party, only served to put a big question mark over whether the party will return in 2011. That said, those who partied at the event this year took away generally positive experiences.

Thursday – The Face of Ibiza

It was a smart move to switch this gay friendly to Thursday and thus out of the dog fight between Matinée and Café Ole. Baby Marcelo and Oliver are Ibiza veterans and this is worth its weight in gold when it comes to support from people on the island. A steady second season under their belt, they now embark on a world tour to promote their brand.

Friday – Supermartxe

One of the most polemic parties on the island, its values are almost anti-thesis to what the Ibiza scene is about, yet there is something quintessentially Ibiza hedonistic about it too. Guest hosts that included Paris Hilton and Dennis Rodman tell you everything you need to know about where this event is seeking to score its clientele from……and what level it works on, but work it does! The busiest night at Privilege in 2010 for sure.

Satruday – Saturday Night Project

Event number 3 for the team behind The Zoo Project, an ambitious attempt to capitalise on the success of their day parties at Gala Night by continuing the party at Privilege. The formula is fairly well established now, with a large array of resident DJs and one or two headliners straight from the underground scene. Things went Ok without being spectacular in 2010.

Sunday – Tribes

Any promoter in Ibiza will tell you Sunday is the graveyard shift, hence the reason Privilege went totally leftfield for this eclectic, psy-trance hippy inspired party that in simple terms struggled to work on any level.


Generally mixed fortunes for the club with some continued success, some new success and some continued failings. There were some spectacular one off events, such as the Faithless live show in September and Cream/Radio 1's event at the start of August, which seems to be when Privilege really rocks at its best. Maybe more medium to large scale events are the way forward?

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