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Las residentes | Vicky Devine

Profiling an island personality.

Just announced as part of the line-up for throwback extravaganza One More Time, Vicky Devine is a name from the golden era of Ibiza.

In fact, she was one of the original band of female DJs, before the term even became a marketable buzzword - and Ibiza was her playground.

Still very much enjoying her DJ exploits in the modern day, Vicky's affinity for the music business is equally represented by her various other roles she holds. From part of the backstage crew on party days, to thrashing out contract T&Cs in the boardroom, Vicky continues to do it all.

Images by Charlie Raven Photography

Vicky Devine catches up with old friends, including The Judge (left) and Kevin & Perry impersonators (right)

You may be under the impression that Vicky has slowed down in recent years, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, she's busier than ever before and has multiple projects and work commitments on the go, aside from DJing. Seemingly, there's never a dull moment.

After her gig at the Kevin & Perry 20th Anniversary reunion party, we managed to find a gap in her schedule. We talk about her beloved Trance, what she does day-to-day and how she fills any spare time.


Hi Vicky. How are you? How is summer 2022 shaping up so far?

"Hey guys, I'm great thank you for asking. Excited to see Ibiza coming back to life and to see everyone being able to enjoy music on this amazing island again.

Pretty hot for a start! I went to Formentera a couple of weeks ago and I don't think I've ever known it so warm that early in summer. It almost felt like August, but because everything opened up so early this year, we are already a good few months into the season."

Formentera by Valerie Reilly

"As I said at the start, its great to see so many people so eager to get back here. Its also a huge relief for so many of the islanders (of which I am one) who have withstood an absolutely brutal few years here.

I am so happy to see so many friends reopen their businesses and start to get their lives back on track. Its amazing to see some people visit here for the first time and discover the magic Ibiza has to offer, as well as see so many old faces return.

And it's great to see the creative arts open back up generally. I'm also at the beginning of a brand new journey here and so am looking forward to this next chapter."

Absolutely. We totally agree. Let's talk about the Kevin & Perry reunion gig. How was it? When was the last time you played Amnesia before that?

"The last time I played at Amnesia would have been for Cream in summer 2016. Playing in that main room really is a dream come true.

Amnesia was actually the first Ibiza super-club I ever visited when I first arrived on the island in 2000. In fact the Kevin and Perry reunion was exactly 22 years to the day that I first stepped foot in Ibiza, believe it or not, so it was a very special date for me."

Cream Ibiza | by Marc de Groot

Island institution Cream. Back in the day, Thursdays were all about Cream at Amnesia

"Right now, everyone is very eager to get back on the dancefloor and have some fun. Some of us haven't been able to see each other for years. Then personally for me to be able to play it on that actual Ibiza arrival anniversary was really another dream come true.

The film itself also has a special place in my heart as it came out that same summer. To be able to recreate some of those moments all these years later and be included within the line-up was a great honour for me."

We guess you don't get much of a chance to play those records anymore. Was there a particular track that you really loved to play?

"I had to think really long and hard about what to squeeze into my set. There are just so many tunes from those times that are so, so special to me and that invoke a lot of memories."

"I played Flutlicht - Icarus (The Flight) which came out on Drizzly around that time and I still have it on vinyl. The riff gets me every time. Its an amazing record.

I also managed to squeeze in a couple of my own including a collaboration I did in 2001 with my then DJ partner Sophie Sugar called Angelz as well as a newer rendition I've done of Reflekt's Need to Feel Love."

"I'll be putting the tracklist on my socials if anyone wants to check it out."

Do you have any more DJ sets confirmed for later in summer?

"Two weeks before Amnesia, I played an old school Trance set for Slipmatt's brand, Slip Back In Time, at Es Paradis which was also a brilliant night. These days I do quite often play classics sets.

In fact, we've just announced a massive One More Time 25 years of Trance classics event for the end of the season. That takes place on 29 September at Eden where I will play alongside Mauro Picotto, Dave Pearce and Tall Paul.

I'm so excited about that one, as it's Trance week in Ibiza and it falls two days after the second Kevin & Perry show, so there will be loads of the Trance family in town."

Before modern greats Defected and Craig David, Judgement Sundays was San An's busiest night

"Plus that event sees me returning to my Judgement Sundays home. Having spent ten years as resident with them, that makes it even more special. Judgement will forever be family to me.

I've got other conversations going on around Charlys Angelz, the all female event I started in Ibiza in 2001, plus relaunching my record label DEVA Recordings. As I've been working with other artists the past few years, I didn't get much time to focus on many things 'Vicky Devine' but as I find myself in another life transition watch this space!"

What's your day-to-day job now?

"I've been involved in artist management, development and liaison for the past nine years. During the pandemic, I took the opportunity to study elements of music law - recording contracts, publishing etc.

Basically, many exciting things that go on behind other artists' careers and something that I feel I should have known more about earlier in my own career. That has led me into a new role as A&R manager at Truelove Music.

It's an electronic music publishing and artist management company based in Ibiza. That's my full time day-to-day now, though I also help run a couple of businesses with my husband and assist with a few other projects on the island. I like to keep myself busy, you know."

Talk us through a typical day.

"I only recently started my new role at Truelove and so, as I learn the ropes, every day is a new adventure. Only to say that I live and breathe music.

From the moment I wake up, I usually check what's happening in the electronic music world globally, before delving into the to-do list for that particular day: liaising with our artists, checking through the new music they have sent through overnight, working on contracts and sync agreements, checking out new artists who we might be interested in signing."

"The summers in Ibiza are very different to the winters. I go out way more now the clubs are open. I try to connect with all else that is going on in Ibiza as much as possible. The fact that this island is such a hub for music is the thing that brought me here in the first place.

I feel very lucky to still be working in the industry after so many years here and to be connected still to so many amazing brands and artists. I also acknowledge that I still have much to learn and am excited to continue my journey in music."

What do you think is the best current party on Ibiza?

"I would have to say ANTS for the actual event just because I worked alongside that brand for such a long time and several of the main artists affiliated with it.

I was there at the opening party working as stage manager at Ushuaïa back in 2013 and have watched it grow into the incredible party that it is today. The production, the music, the team behind it and of course the venue - everything about it is world class."

ANTS' production is out of this world - moreso in 2022 than ever before

"On a more personal level, I do try and hunt out more Trance-orientated parties.

SHINE at Eden would be the main one to head to, as well as Armin van Buuren when he is playing at Ushuaïa. And then of course don't forget the second Kevin and Perry reunion scheduled on 27 September at Amnesia- that promises to be another totally epic night.

I'll be on that dancefloor under the ice cannons!"

SHINE is Ibiza's weekly pure Trance party in 2022, taking place at Eden on Thursdays

"You'll need to ask me this question again at the end of the summer though, because some have only just opened. I still have loads I want to go to: Tale Of Us, CAMELPHAT, Carl Cox, Trick, elrow... the list goes on. There are just so many good nights I can't wait to get stuck into."

Your hit list is almost as long as ours. And, finally, what's Ibiza's best kept secret?

"Haha. If I told you it wouldn't be much of a secret, would it!

You know what though, even after all these years living here. I still unearth something I never knew about every single year that makes me love the island just that little bit more.

I think something a lot of people miss when they come on holiday is the sheer beauty of this island. I've got a couple of dogs a few years ago and I can tell you I learnt more about the island in the first few walks with them than I had the 13 years before it."

"As much as I love clubbing and music, there's something to be said to take time out of the mainstream. Go for a walk around in the pine forests, swim in the turquoise waters, watch the sunset in an off the beaten track location, discover that beach down a long winding path, have a tapas in a little pueblo and listen to the cicadas in the heat of the summer.

There is a real natural and cultural heartbeat to this place that you have to tune into."

Vicky, as dog lovers and keen walkers ourselves, we wholeheartedly agree. Get our there on a hike and experience the true beauty of Ibiza. Thanks for chatting with us. We'll see you at One More Time, if not before.

Tickets for the end of summer One More Time party at Eden can be bought below. Head here to be a part of the next Kevin & Perry reunion gig at Amnesia.

KEVIN & PERRY IMAGES | by Charlie Raven Photography

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