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Los residentes | Melon Bomb

Profiling island personalities.

Entries into our island residents series have all been solo DJs so far. We figured it was about time we switched things up. This month, we've gone large and featured a group for the first time. Not just any group, but perhaps Ibiza's best known: Melon Bomb.

Ben Santiago, Corbi, Paul Reynolds and Scott Gray are all uncompromising selectors in their own right. But when they form quartet Melon Bomb, you know things are going to get messy.

Ahead of their appearance at the Classic Music Co. showcase at Octan during Defected weekend, we caught up with the boys.


Hi guys, thanks for talking to us. Let's dive straight into Ibiza 2022 business...

Your beachside soirees at Tanit Beach club are the stuff of legend. You're back on Friday 15 April, what have you got lined-up?

"This is going to be an incredible party. The Easter Tanit parties have sort of become the unofficial start to the summer with a lot of the islanders coming out of winter hibernation. This year is going to be extra special as it's been two years in the making since you know what!"

Image by Renata Subić

We'll certainly be there with bells on. We imagine there will be Pikes dates as well too, right?

"Absolutely! We're buzzing to be back at our spiritual home and get our groove on in Freddies. It's such an amazing room to be in, let alone to play in."

Melon Bomb play poolside at Pikes during its opening weekend on Saturday 23 April, before their monthly residency parties on these dates: 6 and 27 May, 1 July, 5 August, 2 September and 14 October. As always request guestlist on Pikes' website.

Agreed. We can't wait to get back to Freddies. It's been too long.

You've been a part of the Glitterbox roster at Hï Ibiza for a while now, what's it like working with them?

"We love working with the Glitterbox crew. It's such a lovely vibe and like one big family. There is always a special magic in the air when we arrive to play at the club on a Sunday. Nothing quite compares."

Melon Bomb bring the noise to toilet rave the Wild Corner

Those sets in the Wild Corner are a lot of fun! How important is it that the dance music industry doesn't take itself too seriously?

"It's imperative given the values that house music was built upon. In terms of the Wild Corner sets, it's near-on impossible to take yourself too seriously when you're literally playing in a toilet!"

We guess that's true!

From all singing and dancing toilets, to somewhere with low ceilings and an intimate vibe, you're set to play for Classic Music Co. at Octan at the end of the month. In contrast, how do you approach a gig like that?

"We've all been massive fans of Classic Music for many years. A huge section of our record collection is devoted to them, so we know exactly what vibe we are going to create. It is the perfect fit for us musically, so we will just go and do our thing, and have fun with the crowd."

Have you stockpiled any secret weapons especially for the night?

"We actually have three incredible Melon Bomb releases which should be finished in time for this gig, so we will be giving these a test run for sure."

Exciting stuff. Talking of music, you'd had a couple of records out on True Romance. Why is that label such a good fit for Melon Bomb productions?

"We've had two EPs out with True Romance, as we felt the label was a great fit for our sound. However, with the pandemic we haven't had much chance to play them out, so we are looking forward to giving these bad boys an outing through the summer."

Hear, hear. How does the dynamic work in the studio with the four of you?

"We try our best to agree on what we can. Most of the time we do, but when we don't we just go with the majority vote. There are no egos in Melon Bomb."

Finally, what are your movements during that weekend - do you plan on attending any other Defected events?

"As many as possible. The line-ups are incredible, but let's see if we have enough stamina to keep us going!"

You and us both! We're lacking match fitness, but we're longing for a dance. See you at Defected weekender.

Melon Bomb line-up for Classic Music Co.'s takeover of Octan alongside fellow Glitterbox regulars Melvo Baptiste and Natasha Diggs on Saturday 30 April.

Tickets can be grabbed below at the wallet-friendly price of €15.

For tickets to the main event at Dalt Vila and info on other parties in the Defected weekend, head here.

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