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Las residentes | S/A/M

Profiling an island personality.

Samantha Bagg, who you might recognise as her DJ persona S/A/M, is a workaholic, we think. Either that, or she seriously loves music.

The classically trained Scottish DJ earned her stripes in the music industry as a booker and event organiser in her homeland, before relocating to Ibiza. During the past two summers, Sam's been welcomed into the arms of the Pikes family with increasing influence.

She's also showing a keen commitment to broadcasting, presenting two shows that air weekly - one on burgeoning island FM player, Playasol Radio and the other for Kenneth Bager's Balearic-tinged digital platform, Music For Dreams.

While the situation these past two years have lent themselves to the former, S/A/M is equally comfortable playing as mellow sunset set or beach club setting, as she is a sweaty basement club in Glasgow.

Images owned by Lost Flamingo (left) and Break The Logic (right)

A crate-digger through-and-through, she is constantly updating her record list and programming sets, of which no two are the same.

Ahead of her appearance as resident for Guy Williams' Flash closing party this Friday night, we spoke at length about her musical endeavours and love for Ibiza.


Hi Sam. It's usually very cliché when we say this, but in your case we absolutely mean it: thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to talk to us. What's it like being part of the Pikes family?

"It's been really special and a right good laugh at Pikes this summer. It's one of the most unique and creative places on the planet with some incredible music programming behind it, driven by Andrew Livesey, Mark and Sarah Broadbent. I've always loved it though.

Before the pandemic, I used to go to Freddies for DJ Harvey or Wax Da Jam for a good dance. It's been a very different couple of years with the various rules, but I truly think Pikes has delivered an incredibly diverse and interesting programme, utilising its various spaces."

A throwback to summer 2019 - Mercury Rising in Freddies

"I made my debut in 2019, then last year Andy and Sarah gave me a great opportunity to have my own residency on the terrace - which was all about finding that slightly odd balance between playing music that people love but trying not to not let make them dance!

With inside being shut, the sunset terrace has become a space in its own right. My mantra has always been music exploration without restriction, and playing a six hour set at Pikes is a dream.

This year I've been a resident for Guy Williams' Flash and Flashlite weekly parties, along with Jon Jaks and Guy himself. Both parties have featured homegrown talent alongside some high-calibre guests."

"Jo Mills, Corbi, Simon Morrell, Santanna Oush and Mina have all played, while Alfredo is back for another appearance at the closing party this coming Friday."

Let's talk more about Flash later! During a summer without proper dancefloors (until recently), it really feels like the island's local talent has stepped up.

"In terms of local talent, Ibiza attracts people from all walks of life who are really into music and who have probably had a longstanding background in the industry.

Before I moved here, I worked as a promoter and event planner for many years in Scotland. Most of my summers were running festivals and gigs on my home turf. Many other DJs on the island come from a wide and varied background.

With the big clubs being shut and limitations on travel, promoters have had to look closer to home. Ibiza has never been short of DJs. There is enough talent on the island to give the crowd what they need. In any environment, it's the resident DJs that know the space best, know the regulars and the vibe.

I think the Covid situation has facilitated a step back to the eclectic Balearic sound that Ibiza was known for before mass tourism kicked off."

In addition to Pikes, you also play at El Chiringhuito Es Callavet and W Hotel, is that right?

"Throughout summer I've had a weekly residency at El Chiringuito Es Cavallet. It's a very beautiful place with incredible food, set on the sweeping sand dunes of the beach.

I was so happy to be invited by Mr Doris to join George Solar and Andy Baxter where we keep things a little different, by playing world music. I highly recommend the seabass shawarma, but if you're feeling flush then a whole seabass for two is an absolute delight and almost ritualistic in the way it is served.

As for the W Hotel, I've been there for two years now. It's a great space with a classy rooftop bar, infinity pool and amazing views of the sea and a sunset, which is very unusual to be able to see from that side of the island.

I play there with Paradise 45 and at the Deep Disco Sunset at the Glow rooftop bar. We flow from laid back Balearic vibes before the sun goes down, to more upfront beats afterwards."

As if you weren't busy enough, you also hold down, not one, but two radio shows.

"Haha, yes. I started a weekly radio show with Playasol Ibiza Radio during lockdown last year.

It really helped me to keep a focus on music and also helped me keep my sanity. I submitted a guest mix for Andy Lagunas show and station manager Carlos Jurado called me half way through to offer me a weekly slot."

"It's Balearic, Latin, Afro and Disco House vibes and goes out weekly on Tuesdays 19:00 to 20:00. I try to play to people who might be listening whilst tuned in on the FM channel from around the island.

Earlier this year, I was honoured to be asked by Music For Dreams label owner, Kenneth Bager, to start a weekly show for them as well. I have massive respect for Music For Dreams as a label and global platform. The output from the label is incredible and so varied.

To be part of the family alongside its roster of presenters, including Chris Coco, Wille Graff, Andy Wilson, DJ Pippi, Phil Cooper and Kenneth himself, is something that I'm really thankful for."

"I like to hunt for more underground sounds for my Music For Dreams show. Although it's not directed at the dancefloor, you will certainly hear a variety of beats, alongside ambient or psychedelilc sounds and, of course, the eclecticism of Balearic music.

The show is aptly named Sueños de Ibiza and airs weekly every Saturday morning 11:00, repeated on Wedesdays at 18:00."

One thing we love about following your social media channels is all your food pics - you eat well!

Can you give our readers some insider tips on some of your favourite places to eat?

"There aren't many people on this island who don't consider themselves foodies and, luckily, Ibiza is full of amazing places to eat. Living up in the leafy north at Cala Mastella, I have to mention El Bigotes as the most wonderful and romantic place to eat exceptionally fresh fish, while you sit at the water's edge."

The setting at El Bigotes is matched by its fresh fish menu

"Go for the fried fish option at 12:30 daily. But a hidden gem just along the rocks at Cala Mastella itself, is the kiosk which is a cute little chiringuito set on the bay and serving up delicious sardines and octopus. Magical.

For carnivores, I recommend Cana Pepeta and its eat-as-much-as-you-like Josper grill every Thursday is a real treat once the season ends and the cooler nights begin. There is an art gallery on site and cosy atmosphere with indoor seating and chilled out garden area.

Sharmakanda is another off-the-beaten-track delight with magical garden and a stunning menu - the kimchi croquettas melt in the mouth. I'm getting hungry thinking about this!"

Tess' lovingly crafted brunch menu at Pikes - we're big fans of the chicken shawarma flatbread

"I can't talk about food and not mention Tess from Love Food Ibiza's delicious and healthy brunch served daily at Pikes. Her collaboration with Pikes is a match made in heaven. I'm a big fan of her Ibiza food blog and am constantly finding out about fresh produce on the island.

We are just finishing fig season. There is nothing like a freshly picked juicy fresh fig from one of the hundreds of tress dotted around the island."

Stop it, you're making us hungry just thinking about it. What have you got in pipeline between now and Halloween?

"Today is my set last El Chiringuito, as it closes after trade on Saturday 16 October for the season.

Friday 15 Ocotber is the big Flash closing party at Pikes with Guy Williams, Santanna Oush, Jon Jaks, Mikey Vettraino, myself and Alfredo from 16:00 until 04:00. Expect Balearic Beat to Nu Disco to Acid House - chilled to party vibes."

S/A/M posing with the Flash mob

"Then the day after, I'm at Sharmakanda from 18:00 until late. It stays open until the end of the month."

We will 100% be seeing you at Pikes for the Flash closing. After the season finishes, what does winter hold?

"Winter is going to be about recharging batteries, exploring the island, going for long walks, cooking, eating and making music in my basement studio. I'm a classicaly trained pianist and been dabbling in making sounds for years using hardware and Ableton.

I have a full length digital piano downstairs and plan to get stuck back into that. I played in bands for years when I was younger, so it will be nice to start producing and writing again.

I usually play at Sunrise up in Calle de Virgen in Ibiza Town with the Wait What? family in winter so likely be back there. Got a few other things on the go too - watch this space!"

Thanks Sam. Enjoy the last few parties of summer - and enjoy a cosy winter too.

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