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Los residentes | Javi Bora

Profiling an island personality.

Javi Bora is the next Ibiza-based DJ getting the feature treatment in our residents series.

Javi rose to prominence as a fixture at the gone, but never forgotten, Space Ibiza. The legendary club might have closed for good in 2016, but Javi remains an official resident at Space club showcases around the world.

He also fronts his own record label, Too Many Rules, a home for vocal-led, Disco-referencing, feelgood House music with a distinct visual identity, as well as sound.

With an EP out this week on Knee Deep In Sound and with Ibiza 2022 announcements coming in thick-and-fast, we caught up with him to ask some burning questions.


Hi Javi, thanks for talking to us.

You're a DJ synonymous with Space Ibiza, having been a resident there. It's been quite the off-season for speculation regarding the future of the Space brand. What do you make of it all?

"There are always rumours! Space is the best club in history. It is logical that people want the club to return to Ibiza as it was before. I don't know if I'll come back, but it would be great."

Javi plays the Space Ibiza Flight Arena AKA The Car Park at an Opening Party

"I played there every week for many years. It was something really special. What I do know, is that Space Ibiza events continue to take place all over the world and that I enjoy them a lot.

These events are so special. The next event is Saturday 12 February at the incredible club Studio 338 in London. Hope to see you there."

I won't rule out making an appearance.

Let's talk about your label, Too Many Rules. Quite appropriate, since the last two summers we've had more rules and restrictions than ever before! How did you come up with the name?

"There are Too Many Rules in this world!

I think that if people were allowed to be more free, so long as we respect each other, we would all be happier. I hope that this summer we see the end of the restrictions on events worldwide. And above all, here in Ibiza we enjoy an impressive season.

I was touring Australia and New Zealand when I decided to start the label. It's something I do every year. While I love playing there, I found that sometimes there were too many rules with strict closing times, time limits to buy alcohol, uniformed police on the dancefloor... that was the moment I decided to set up Too Many Rules."

Representing Space on tour on New Year's Day at The Greenwood hotel in Sydney, Australia

"I think we should be more free of mind and live with fewer restrictions. Enjoy music, nature, sex and all the things that we most love!"

The label has been going for many years now. Have you ever considered launching a Too Many Rules party series?

Of course! In fact, we'll be announcing the first run of Too Many Rules events in some great worldwide locations shortly. After the success we've experienced and the support we've received from the biggest names in the industry, it is time for the brand to take the next step.

So stay tuned on that front - it's gonna be really special."

The label has very distinct, colourful artwork. Who is the designer?

"All cover art for Too Many Rules are hand-made (not digital) by the amazing illustrator . She is an incredibly talented painter who exhibits her paintings in the Balearic Islands. I feel in love with her works."

Too Many Rules: a selection of artworks by

"Without a doubt, she gives a special touch to the Too Many Rules brand and reflects what we want to convey. We are very grateful for her contribution."

Compared to the output on Too Many Rules, the tracks on your new EP on Knee Deep In Sound go a little deeper. How did the two tracks come together?

"Well, the truth is that both my colleague Richard Ulh and I wanted to send some demos to Hot Since 82. In talking to each other, we discovered that we both had ambitions to release music on his label, Knee Deep In Sound.

It is a label that we really love and that aligns with our own perception of what electronic music should be.

We let everything flow in the studio and we are very happy with the results. We just started producing and they came out like this. Of course, we kept label's characteristic sound in mind."

"The track Move U Body is a vocal track, more open within the seriousness of the EP, while Mondays In Ses Salines is more powerful and raw. We really liked how the two tracks came together and, fortunately, Hot Since 82 liked them too!"

Never in doubt! Are you close friends with him?

"I met Daley (Hot Since 82) in 2014. It was the day we shared a booth at Row 14 in Barcelona, ​​where we were playing on the terrace for elrow. Since then, I haven't had much contact with him, but he has supported several tracks from Too Many Rules, which I'm very grateful for.

Once the demos were ready, we sent them to Hot Since 82 and his management. Daley replied personally that they loved them and that he was going to test them on the road.

A few days later, he responded that he played them at Cova Santa whilst playing back-to-back with Jamie Jones and wanted to sign them immediately. He told me that Jamie had loved them as well."

Quite the endorsement. So in the spirit of the track, tell us about your perfect Monday on Ses Salines.

"The track is dedicated to a ritual that I did in Ibiza for many years. I would go to Ses Salines (Las Salinas) beach in the morning to swim and enjoy nature with friends. Afterwards, we would enjoy paella at the restaurant Can Salinas. Then later, we would dance non-stop at Circoloco in DC10 till the morning light. They really were perfect Mondays."

One more question before we finish up. Is it too early to ask you about plans for the 2022 season?

"Unfortunately, I can't announce my plans for the season in Ibiza just yet, but some great thing are coming in 2022.

Away from the island, I'll continue DJing around the world, returning to some of my favorite clubs and festivals. Apart from the EP on Knee Deep In Sound, I'm releasing a remix for Dennis Ferrer and there's another EP coming with Richard Ulh, this time on Danny Howard's label, Nothing Else Matters. Plus several EPs and remixes on Too Many Rules, of course.

Thank you very much for the interview, it has been a real pleasure. Greetings to all!"

Thanks Javi. We'll see you on the island!

Mondays In Ses Salines is out now on Knee Deep In Sound and can be previewed and downloaded here.

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