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Dive into the sea, embrace the new decade

Cleanse last year's sins with Ibiza's New Year's Dive.

If you're idea of embracing the New Year is to run screaming into a chilly January sea, then Ibiza's New Year's Dive is for you.

It all takes place on 1 January 2020 at Las Salinas beach and has become one of the main events on the White Isle January calendar.

Atone for your sins of the last year and start the new decade afresh with a spirited sea dive, followed by drinks provided by organisers Vino&Co, the local Ibiza wine merchants.

Three timed dives to suit your level of hangover are being put on with the first at 12 midday, followed by ones at 13:00 and 1400.

Remember that there are New Year parties on 1 January and a couple just after, so you could follow your cold sea redemption with some new sins to repent for.

For the New Year's Dive, the deal is that you bring yourself, a food dish to share and the booze is provided for free, taken from the organiser's great array of still and sparkling wines. What a way to start your year afresh.

No need to bring your own plates, cutlery and cups as sustainable ones are provided. Please don't bring plastic to keep the beach and sea free of pollution.

Since the event started nine years ago by Vino & Co, a small gathering of family and friends has grown into a major New Year's Day event with more and more people attending each year.

Whilst cold swimming has taken off as an all year round craze, in The Netherlands, it's an annual tradition to rush into the sea on 1 January and in Finland, many love to slip into their ice holes.

If you want to start the decade with a fresh dive into something new, the New Year's Dive could be just the thing to start you as you mean to go on.

Happy New Year to you all!

PHOTOGRAPHY | Courtesy Vino&Co

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