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Ibiza workers in the spotlight | Josh Newsham

PR Manager at RESISTANCE Ibiza.

At a first glance, living and working on Ibiza for the summer can seem like an ideal way to spend four or so months of the year - and it is. But let's not confuse that for a life of feet-up relaxation.

Ibiza workers - or at least the successful ones - are amongst the most hard-working individuals you're ever likely to meet.

Six-day working weeks, sometimes seven, upside down body clocks - and that tan you wanted to work on? Well, your shift finishes at 04:00 and you've got housework to do before you're in again tomorrow.

As much as there's fun to be had, it can be hard graft. Let's not get it twisted, it's not all beach days, sunloungers and all night partying. Some of us might try, but it's not sustainable!

Many workers end up having to take multiple jobs in order to afford living costs. Take Josh Newsham, for example.

This week's Ibiza worker in the spotlight works a day job for Privilege's Tuesday night promotion, RESISTANCE. However Josh is also a budding DJ/producer signed to Doorly's Reptile Dysfuntion label. In 2019 you could have caught him playing at Do Not Sleep or Lost In Ibiza.

Josh Newsham, 28, United Kingdom
PR Manager, RESISTANCE Ibiza/Ultra

How many seasons have you worked?

"Eight years deep now."

What does a typical day in your job involve?

Every day is different, as there's lots of different aspects to the job that change leading up to the day of the party.

The first day of my week is a Friday. I make sure my team has everything they need to be able to work and ensure all our business partners have the promotion tools ready for the whole weekend."

The legendary Café del Mar - a popular destination for sunset, particularly on Tuesday nights

"The last day of the week is full on. The team is out in full force on the streets, beaches, in Ibiza Town's port - everywhere, pushing ticket sales right up until midnight.

We also have our pre-party at Café del Mar every Tuesday with a surprise guest. Usually it's a DJ from the line-up that week.”

What's the best and worst thing about your job?

"The best thing about my job is working for such a professionally run company. It's a really down-to-earth brand. Like one big family. We all respect each other and have the same goal, which makes the job a lot easier.

The worst thing about it, is that our programme is only nine weeks long which is ten weeks' worth of work on the ground."

What's your track of the summer?

Enzo Siragusa feat. MC Rossko | Rollin' Riddim | FUSE Records

What's your favourite thing to do on Ibiza on your day off?

"My days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays. To be honest, I normally end up spending it at the RESISTANCE after party followed by the Paradise afters!" (laughs)

Any tips for your fellow workers?

"Casita Ibiza or Skinny Kitchen, both in San Antonio, are always a good spot for workers. A surefire way to save money and eat well."

Casita Ibiza is located near to S'Estanyol beach on the road towards San Antonio Bay

Tell us your favourite Ibiza story.

(Laughs) “I wouldn't even know where to start. Most of them are about parties that lead into after parties with all types, from all walks of life. Pikes is a place to go if you want to experience an Ibizan story for yourself.

Having my mum out a week ago was a pretty good laugh, as she's the life and soul of the party. I took her to meet Carl Cox and she was pretty star-struck. She had her first dance in the DJ booth with my good friend Jamie Mannion who was also playing that night.

Having a close mate play in DC-10 and to have my mum dance behind him was something I'd have laughed at eight years ago! Good times."

Techno Tuesdays at RESISTANCE Ibiza inside the world's largest club

Nice one, Josh!

You can catch Josh around resort promoting the next RESISTANCE party - especially on the Sunset Strip on Tuesday evenings. Go and say hello or otherwise, check out our Party Calendar if you want to find out when he's next spinning himself.

You can pick-up tickets for RESISTANCE and view its outrageous festival-sized line-ups below.

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