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Children of the 80s reunite at Hard Rock

Back to Fridays in Bossa.

When all is said and done, Ibiza has more to offer than techno. The event that proves this the most is Children of the 80s. We went to check out the opening party and here's how it went.

Sending us back to the good old days were some of Ibiza's most renowned 80's DJs. Despite what some may think, this event attracts people of all ages.

The queue proved this indefinitely. A half-mile long slug of people lined up and my scepticism was relieved by the number of young attendees.

I arrived just as the sun was setting and the party was in full swing. Leg warmers, tutus and multicoloured beads where the only things in sight and the atmosphere was without a doubt chirpier than any rave I've attended.

As the sun set, La Movida pumped up the crowd with some mega nostalgic classics. Getting off to a "rocky" start, the duo played classics from Nirvana and Bon Jovi before adding in some house classics like Show Me Love by Robin S.

Closing with Sandstorm, the pair welcomed DJ Dream3Team. Visuals of the film Back to The Future, a Rubix cube and lots more 80's memorabilia played on the large screen whilst the team of DJs paid tribute to Freddie Mercury with I Want To Break Free.

After a short but sweet ten minutes, LuGotti took over with an amazing saxophone solo. Renditions of Micheal Jackson's Thriller, Queens We Will Rock You and Ecuador by Sash were just a few of his played tracks.

Between the crazy coloured hair and the wild dancing to match, the passion I felt from the crowd was unlike anything I'd experienced before.

Soon enough Dream3Team​ returned to the decks and with the definitive trance track of the century, Insomnia by Faithless. The epochal Ibiza anthem hung a smile on my face and left confetti in my hair. It was a moment I will remember forever.

Finally, it was time for Alphaville's performance. The 1980's German pop group sang with electricity and encouraged the crowd to sing along.

Without hesitation, we did just that and I even found myself dancing along to their 80's hit Forever Young.

As the night drew to a close Alphaville left the turnout hungry for more, chants and roars for one last tune could be heard from way outside the venue. Is it time for next week yet?

Feel like a trip back to the 80's? Check out our party calendar for more info and tickets.

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