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3 cool Ibiza beaches for snorkelling

Don a mask and some flippers to explore an underwater world at these great spots.

Owing to its great sea temperatures and beautiful rocky coves, Ibiza's beaches make a great springboard for snorkelling. With water of exceptional clarity, thanks to the filtering of the meadows of Posidonia seagrass , a vast visible sea underworld is available to all.

Those lush beds of seagrass also provide homes for dozens of fish and other marine life and warrant viewing themselves. You will find that the best spots are always close to rocky areas such as the coastline and small islets jutting out of the water.

Cool off in turquoise Mediterranean water as you look below the sea surface - it's a favourite pastime for many as you will see. Many of the beaches offer great snorkelling scapes - here is our pick of three top ones.

Cala Conta

Everybody knows the stretch of sand overlooked by Sunset Ashram, but fewer visitors are familiar with the area of beach to the left as you approach Cala Conta.

This area is favoured by nudists, but there's so much going on underneath surface your eyes won't be diverted! With a combination of rocks and sand, there's loads to see and visibility couldn't be clearer. Check out the long rocky promontory and the fishermen's huts to the left or the long stretch of rocky coast to the right for a snorkellers' treasure trove.

cala xarraca

The inviting aesthetics of Cala Xarraca make this northern beach an ideal spot for snorkelling, especially because of its rocky seabed, outcrops of rock plus the craggy coastline. The bay is incredibly well sheltered, with crystal-clear shallow waters, teeming with wildlife.

Being in the north also means, that if you pick your dates, you could find yourself only sharing a beach with only half a dozen strangers. Sometimes you might even hit the jackpot and have the entire beach to yourself! Less people means more wildlife.


S'Estanyol beach is within a small and pretty bay, where there are some great spots to snorkel, especially around the rocks to the left and the fishermen's huts to the right. Marine life seems to love the underwater foundations of these wooden structures and here, it's home to a seemingly diverse range of aquatic species.

Barnacles, various other crustaceans and molluscs inhabit these man-made edifices, which in turn, attract predators - so who knows what you might see. If you enter via these huts, you'll want to wear aqua shoes to protect your feet.

Make sure you arrive prepared with mask and snorkel - flippers or aqua shoes might be a good idea, depending on how far you want to go and explore. You can pick these up from any number of resort shops plus the La Sirena chain and Decathlon just outside Ibiza Town are also good sources.

When you're all equipped, all there is left to do, is take the plunge and explore the wonderful life of Ibiza's waters!

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