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Rich tastes at Nassau Beach Club Ibiza

Luxury at affordable prices and a big vibrant personality personifies this gorgeous beach club.


Vital statistics

Why go? Get an uber-glamorous beach club that's high on energy and ambience

What kind of food is it? Med-Asian fresh, rich where it counts with salads woks and sandwiches

Who is it for? Anyone who wants a jet-set moment without necessarily having to fork out for it

Can anyone go? All ages go here to lift the tempo. Gluten-free and vegen dishes mean all can eat here.

Best table? The big circular one in the restaurant for a big group outing


The venue

The Thai Buddha that rules over all at Nassau Beach Club Ibiza

At the far end of Playa d'en Bossa and for the past 11 years, Nassau Beach Club has been bringing its own brand of elegance and luxury, expertly blending the “club” concept with a beach restaurant and bar. Inside it's a nautical look of wooden slatted chairs, reliefs of white-painted driftwood and insouciant hanging chandeliers made of discs of mother of pearl. The hippy island spirit is presided over by a huge Thai Buddha carved in wood.

Outside, it's a sea of sun-loungers and large day beds on the beach facing the sparkling-blue waters. Here, you can laze the day away, drink incredible champagne and be brought your food to enjoy under the shade of a large parasol. There's a big bar area, where people saunter in wearing just trunks or bikinis; a sushi bar; a fashion boutique, selling its own-branded clothing and did we mention, there's a boat service, so you can enjoy Nassau from your yacht.

The ambience

Show girls with their incredible feather adornments

If great house tunes are what you want to accompany your meal, Nassau Beach Club has them - it even publishes its own compilation, which you can hear on Ibiza Spotlight's Spotify page. The tempo is high and the energy is infectious: you'll observe both clients and staff dancing to the impeccable music selection.

Indeed, you won't get bored: go-go angel dancers with sumptuous feather arrangements come out regularly for a multi-podium display amongst those reclining outside. Here, there is that feeling of holiday luxury, with a tasteful touch of excess glamour. San Tropez meets Ibiza.

The food

Fresh from the garden with delicious al dente vegetables and salad

It's fair to say that dishes look very pretty here with beautiful presentation: the good news is that it all tastes as good as it looks. Starting off, we had the beautifully fresh garden salad with a perfectly-cooked al dente selection of asparagus and green beans with raw avocado, carrot ribbons and alfalfa sprouts. If you want to maintain your beach body, this is the dish for you.

If tight abs are not your concern, the asparagus salad with the most wonderfully whipped hollandaise accompanied by smoked salmon and avocado is glorious indulgence. I opted for the filled pitta bread, stuffed with hummus, goats cheese and flavoured with rosemary honey and lemon sauce, a lovely light meal in itself.

The appeal of the Angus steak

Being a meat lover, the ‘chuck flap' strip of Angus beef appealed and the waitress confirmed the excellence of my choice. Slow-cooked, tender and packed with flavour, it was just the right amount of cow and the slightly sweet and spicy carrot puree with toasted hazelnuts, gave crunch and delicious texture.

Not all of us love meat. My vegan dining companion opted for a very flavourful rice dish made with trompette de mort (death trumpet) mushrooms. Served with seasonal vegetables and mushroom "chips", this was a surprisingly meaty dish. Even non-vegans would love it. The lobster and mussels' linguine (gluten-free) was perfectly executed, mixed through with a prawn sauce. Seafood freshness and sparkle.

Seafood made magificent in the lobster and mussels linguine

A short and sweet dessert list is there to tempt you. Having lost a fellow diner who had to leave early, the two of us remainers shared the cheesecake, that was pepped up with a citrus crumble and toffee and served with a raspberry ice cream. A gelateria serves up a wealth of different and unctuous ices and if you are feeling full, we'd recommend choosing one.

The wine list deserves some mention, if only for some of the eye-popping prices. An affordable and extensive list is available, though if you want to splash out on a bottle of very good Dom Perignon, the Plenitud is a snip at €330. A six-litre ‘98 vintage bottle comes in at almost €10,000. Best for only very special occasions.

Sweet moments: the gorgeous cheescake

Nassau Beach Club is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening to eat. If you want to splash out, you can, though food options are actually very reasonable. A must try for all.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Go to one of the legendary full-moon nights and be treated to a fearsome fire show and gorgeous dinner - a night when magic happens.

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