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Las Dos Lunas seduces the senses

Pamper the five senses at Las Dos Lunas well into autumn.

Few places on the island appeal to all five senses as much as Las Dos Lunas. This gem of a restaurant seduces on every level, making sure to leave a mark on your island visit.

Beauty is everywhere you look at Las Dos Lunas. Visually it is easily one of the most appealing venues on the island. A kaleidoscope of colours brings to life this unique restaurant. The garden terrace is framed by cascading bougainvillea and decorated with original colourful art pieces selected by two generations. The warm lighting further amplifies the experience. Like a painter's palette, the colours are vibrant, creating a unique picture further reflected in both the dishes and the drinks.

Aromas in the air extend the sensory journey. The blooming garden, which grows larger every year tended by the owner Massimo Lucarini himself, floods the space with the fragrances of myriad plants and flowers. Same goes for the scents of the plates coming from the kitchen. The creations of Italian chef Luciano Poli and head bartender the professional mixologist Pablo fill the air with the perfumes of the Mediterranean and Italian haute cuisine.

Once the dishes and drinks arrive, the fragrances in the air come to life in an explosion of flavours. You will be surprised by the intensity of savours in the chef's creations. Luciano prepares everything from scratch daily and Pablo uses the menu only as inspiration for his bespoke drinks. The results are superb.

To extend the multi-sensory adventure, you will hear only the best classics from five decades of music at Las Dos Lunas. The team takes care that the soundtrack includes favourite tunes across generations so that everyone is pleased every few songs.

Las Dos Lunas exudes both comfort and well-being, enhanced by fine materials that complete the experience. With numerous corners and alcoves, the lush grounds provide multiple spots from which to enjoy the unique venue.

Ibiza at this time of year is at one of its most charming moments. Not too hot, not too cold, the island makes it easy to enjoy it in all the outdoors in all their splendour. Las Dos Lunas remains open until at least the 15th of October. Make sure you don't leave the island without experiencing it.

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