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Have your say: Ibiza workers

We get in the minds of the cogs of Ibiza.

If there's a selection of those who really know every nook and cranny of Ibiza, it is the residents and workers that help the Island continue to buzz with energy 24/7. Punters fly from all corners of the globe to start a new life here on the White Isle. Whether it's from May to October or an extended holiday that turns into a home for life, we all have one thing in common: we fell in love with Ibiza.

We had a natter with a varied selection of island workers and residents. From DJs to shot girls, every job here has some interesting tales to tell. If you're thinking of making the move or braving the season here, these quotes may help you make your decision.

Melissa, 19 , Shot girl at Simmering Shots

Favourite memory?

"Taking my mum and stepdad onto a boat party, then to the Zoo Project after. We had boarded the boat to discover that the DJs were superb and there was a bongo drum player! My mum, stepdad and I got up on the top deck straight away. We were loving life and danced for about three hours straight!

After the boat, we got a disco bus to The Zoo Project and they were completely shocked at the extensive and outlandish venue. They thought they would stick out like sore thumbs but wasn't the case at all. They were up by the Seal Pit boogying like everyone else. Safe to say the whole day was a success and I got to give my loved ones just a little taste of what Ibiza has to offer. That's one thing I love about this island, anything goes and everyone is extremely accepting. It's the norm to see two 50-year-olds raving on a boat over here, Magaluf? Not a chance."

Favourite club night on the Island?

"It would have to be Cream at Amnesia. The energy when you enter the club to the moment you walk out is electrifying. There's genuinely no other feeling like when the beat drops and the room lights up with lasers. It is unreal. Every time I go to Cream I'm always in total awe at not only the music and the lights, but the atmosphere and entire feel of the club when the trance DJs are playing. There's definitely is such a thing as a trance family and I can happily admit I am and will always be a part of it!"

"That's one thing I love about this island: anything goes and everyone is extremely accepting."

Laura Ames-Carder, 30, The Rock Bar

Favourite club night on the Island?

"Paul Oakenfold's 'Generations' at Pikes. Authentic, good crowd, all the old 80s and 90s music. A really special celebration of music and people. The party was free and Pikes was the perfect venue for it. My favourite venue, favourite music and all-around good vibes."

The favourite party you went to this season?

"Elements at HEART. The music was dark, underground, industrial sounded etheral techno. Incredible visuals, weird and wacky dancers and performers. Artists such as Hraach and Dahu absolutely nailed it. A celebration of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each party was themed accordingly. Great crowd, no pretentiousness. Everyone there for the music and a good time."

"A celebration of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each party was themed accordingly. Great crowd, no preteniousness."

Peacharoo, 38, reality engineer/consciousness expander

Favourite beach?

"It has to be Cala Llentrisca. It's super quiet, off the beaten track and an adventure to get to by foot. This beach of pebbles & fisherman's huts is great for swimming and tranquillity. It's more peaceful since the jetty has been removed; the water is crystal clear and great for snorkelling too!"

Favourite club night on the Island?

"Ibiza Vinyl Club events! With Vinyl DJs and music, the pop-up event plays at each venue as a roaming Record Exchange where you can buy, sell or trade vinyl music from 100s on display; meet vinyl addicts and DJs; and even play yourself on the open decks! It's the coolest experiential event on the island, always free entry and I've had the best times there."

Summer Ghemati, 24, DJ @ Sankeys, Hush, Pure

Favourite DJ?

"Without a doubt my favourite DJ on the Island to see and listen to is Luciano; his vibe and energy is second to none and he plays incredible music with integrity. It inspires me every time to become a better DJ. He is the MAN!"

Favourite club night on the Island?

"But I will say this, my favourite party as a whole is definitely Tini and the Gang. The venue, Ibiza Underground is sick. Such a vibe and people are there just for the music, which makes a nice change! I love what the party stands for and that it's only 20 euros to get in, unlike most parties on the island, for me, Tini does it right!"

Indre Sim, 22, waitress, Passion Cafe

Favourite corner of the island?

"Hands down, the north side of the island is my favourite. My heart has always been with the hippies. Leading the hectic lifestyle working on the island, I think it is very important to find your own peaceful place where you can escape from all the madness. Rent a scooter and head down the coast all the way to San Vicente, stopping to check out some hidden beaches, like Aguas Blancas and join the locals. The narrow mountain road from San Vicente to San Juan is something everyone must experience! Breathtaking views from up above give the sense of freedom and is a great reminder that Ibiza is not only about the parties."

"Hands down, the north side of the island is my favourite. My heart has always been with the hippies."

Favourite memory of Ibiza?

"Working six days a week gives a very limited number of parties you can attend, so make sure you choose wisely! My all-time favourite club on the White Isle is where the whole thing started: DC10. The most memorable party of the season was one of the Mondays of Circoloco. The main reason is that I went there completely sober. I had the privilege to have the backstage access and meet all the amazing artists in person: Loco Dice, Ellen Alien and Seth Troxler. It reminded me that there are still some people who keep the original Ibiza vibe and put the music first above all the other reasons people actually party. The perfect time to get there is around 20:00 and leave just after midnight. DC10 experience at its best!"

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