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REVIEW: Km5: the legend lives on

Make a date with the chic and seductive venue that is Ibiza institution Km5.


I have a tip for you, the next time you are driving near Ibiza institution Km5, make sure you dive in to make a date with this chic, seductive venue.

If you have been coming to Ibiza within the last 23 years, then it is likely you have a Km5 story. If not, then there's still time.

This is one of Ibiza's most original and glamorous venues. Since first opening its doors in 1994, the place has become part of Ibiza legend. We went along to its 2017 opening party to see the place for the opening party for its 24th season.

Why go?

Feathers, sequins and lace at Km5

Here is a place you can happily spend the whole night at, from early evening dining to late night dancing, enjoying the great entertainment that's on each day.

As we walked in, we could feel the buzz of energy as the night began. We watched as diners laughed and joked, preparing themselves for a bit of moving later on.

What strikes you the most is how the outside does not prepare you for the adults playground inside. Zany decor touches, stupendous cocktails and gorgeous food as well as a big dose of living theatre is its essence.

On top of that is its unique atmosphere, something they have curated over the venue's many years of operation. And that is sweet alchemy pure and simple.

What you will see

Opening night entertainment this year

Opening night at Km5 is one of the first summer season starters and this year's event was a tour de force of movement. The place was pure animation, from the skilled staff that swept past, always making sure we were good for drinks, ashtrays or anything we needed as we watched the superb aerial acrobatics.

The up-for-it crowd needed no cues as to when to start their dancefloor moves; it all happened at some kind of agreed moment, which I could not put my finger on. One moment there were few of us dancing; the very next, the dance floor was full. I guess the atmosphere is infectious.

In between gyrating, we watched the amazing entertainment with performers in stilts, wires using fabric and trapezes high in the air - all 'til three in the morning. You watch in glorious living colour, mesmerised, as if watching a movie. If you like performance, you will love this place, which is part restaurant, part swanky club for Ibiza season ticket holders and perhaps ex pro-clubbers.

What's there?

Entertainment here along with its international and Mediterranean menu make this into the sophisticate's choice. The outside garden has welcomed many a celebrity and is where we spent much of the evening sipping our gorgeous cocktails and watching the incredible shows.

DJ regulars including Sergi Ribas, Ken Abel and Iban Mendoza were spinning their special sound selections. The mood dictated the music with a journey from cool vocal house to bouncy tech-house tunes played to a welcoming bunch of guests.

If you need more encouragement

The reason you would want to come here is the feeling of falling down a rabbit hole as the owners put it: Alice slipping into Wonderland, where you will find the weird, the wonderful, the outrageous and the fabulous and sometimes a combination of all four.

This is the place to come when you want a different and special night out because KM5 always surprises and delights.

Next up...

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