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Km5 - back for 2016

Ibiza legend celebrates 22nd year

Next Friday 29 April sees the opening for 2016 of legendary luxury lounge bar and restaurant Km5, which this year will be celebrating its 22nd year of bringing its energetic spirit and good vibes to the island.

You are invited to help Km5 celebrate the start of the season from 8pm for a hot date with some great food, music and fun in this cosmopolitan and relaxed venue. A welcome cocktail will greet you for what is promised to be a night to remember.

There is a top line-up of national and internationally renowned DJs led by Jean Claude Ades, Iban Mendoza; Dutch stars Donaes and Ken Abel as well as residents Sergi Ribas and Jean Cedric. You can dance under the stars or around the DJ booth inside with the many smiling and happy guests expected to arrive for this top night.

The gourmet restaurant is the place to eat for a meal full of flavour using top quality and luxury ingredients. Km5 is big on grilled meats as well as dishes such as tuna tartare, an unctuous burrata salad or home made stuffed pasta. You'll most likely want to sample a bottle (or two) from its great wine and champagne selection, to wash this great food down.

The venue attracts a fashion-conscious crowd, along with celebrities, island personalities and the jet set. You can come early evening for one of their legendary cocktails or you could just take advantage of the famous lounge garden and party the evening away.

Look out for Km5's famous full moon parties and a set of events through the summer season, including themed nights and even exhibitions for new artists

This is one of those places that if you haven't been yet, you should add to your list to enjoy the Km5 Ibiza experience.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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