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Halloween special

Demonic DJs, vampire ravaged restaurants and hotels haunted by the hounds of hell. We reveal the scariest spots in Ibiza this Halloween.

If you're in Ibiza this Halloween, welcome to one of the biggest, most outrageous party nights (and days) on the autumn to spring calendar.

As many will be aware, Ibiza does Halloween with grisly enthusiasm. Costume and props are absolutely essential almost anywhere you go; you will feel most sadly underdressed without them. Even the dogs get dressed up as you can see by our cover photo of Monster Ball at Boutique Hostal Salinas. More about that later.

The Ibiza grapevine assures us that Halloween here on the island begins on the 31st October and does not finish until you go to sleep. So we had a little look around at what's in store. That's when we got really scared.

Babylon Beach

Starting at lunchtime on the 31st, Babylon is throwing a family friendly beach party with Kids in Ibiza supplying a whole host of freaky fun for the kiddies. We've heard it's closing soon too, so get it while you can folks. It'll be a very cool family day out, entrance is free with a few euros thrown in for kids activities. More details here.


As Ibiza tradition demands, Bambuddha will be hosting its annual Fetish Halloween Dinner Ball. Extravagant and ever-so-slightly risqué, costumes are absolutely mandatory. Even if you have a booking, you will be declined entry unless you are suitably attired, dear reader. One for the most beautiful black sheep, dark, handsome lords and fabulously freakish creatures of the night, this party is Glamorous with a capital G. Whips, thigh length boots and fanged-up gimp masks are positively encouraged. Get in there quick with a booking ladies and gents, this one sells out every year.

Tickets for the ball, including a 3 course meal and a champagne reception are €65. You can book online here.


This lovely hippy bar and restaurant on the road to San Carlos is also making preparations for a altogether more chilled-out Halloween celebration, as is its style. We love the outdoor terrace with its lounging beds and real fire during the winter months. Expect quality live music, really great local, organic food and DJs later on. The party starts at 9pm till 3am-ish.

Pikes Hotel

Vamps Rock by those party maestros at Pikes will feature some great island DJs: Tom Crane, Andy Baxter, Lisa Chadderton, Colin Peters, Dave Lubin and Steve Altman. Expect scandelously cheeky frolicks in a Pikes style and a funky, friendly vibe. Tickets are 10€ or a very reasonable 20€ with the BBQ included and the drinks, we are told, will be cheaper than usual, woo! Contact the hotel directly for tickets and more info.


If you're based in the capital, check out Veto. It's just off the roundabout going up towards Pacha on the left hand side. Beginning around 11pm, their marathon Halloween bash metamorphoses later on into Mexican Day of the Dead. This bar has one of the coolest interiors ever and those guys throw a raucously ghoulish party. Last time I was there 2 many DJs rocked up on the dancefloor and ex-Manumission's Johnny Golden was on the door. Expect an eclectic blend of DJs and a cosmopolitan blend of punters as Veto is one of those rare hangouts equally popular with all nationalities of locals. It's a very international crowd and the music policy reflects this, with everything from edm and hard rock flying around the decks. Drinks are reasonably priced too. Highlights include owner Stefan Weiner banging out some beefy tunes, whilst Daisy Heartbreaker, resident DJ at Hard Rock Hotel will be on the decks from 11.30-01.30 joined by Da Rockabuddha and his bulging bag of effects and live, rock-god guitar riffs. And whole lot more of course...


If clubbing is your thing, then mosey on down to Underground. This well established club is very popular with workers, locals and those lucky winter residents. Starts at 11pm until usually around 6am and you can expect a solid diet of edm, no parking hassles whatsoever and a lively, international crowd. There's a door tax of €15 but that includes a drink of around the same value. Bargain.

Boutique Hostal Salinas

Perhaps the most terrifying of them all, starting at 3am ‘till you drop dead' is the now firmly established Monster Ball at baddass Boutique Hostal Salinas. This party is full of all of the island's most frighteningly hard zombies, ghouls and vampires who are known to pull their demonly dance moves without respite, feasting and gorging their way into the following lunchtime (at least).

The line-up looks awesome with many We Love... regulars in attendance including Ryan O Gorman, David Phillips, The Big L and obviously having a very busy night, Daisy Heartbreaker to name a few.

So when all the good boys and girls have gone to beddie-byes, you know where to go (sinners).

WORDS | Jane Charilaou IMAGES | Boutique Hostal Salinas, Veto Social Club, Bambuddha and James Chapman

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