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Review: Ascending Angel @ Aguas de Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

Nightmares On Wax meet urban street-dancers, live musicians, fabulous views and heavenly massage atop a stunning, 5-star Ibiza hotel rooftop.


We heard whispers that Santa Eulalia's Aguas de Ibiza were planning a bit of a soireé on the rooftop of their beautiful spa hotel only yesterday. This in-the-know party was to happen the same evening.

We were battling with a particularly action packed evening in terms of Ibiza highlights, not least KM5's eagerly awaited 20th birthday celebrations also scheduled that night and to feature it was rumoured, Papa Sven Vath on the decks. Most of the island it seemed were planning to head down there.


We were intrigued however by this hithero unheard of foray into Ushuaïa-style, glamorous rooftop parties by a hotel that's usually known for its cool, quiet elegance and excellent spa facilities. And what's more, located in Santa Eulalia, a million metaphorical miles away from the hotel-party mecca of Playa d'en Bossa. Interesting. Add the fact we'd heard Nightmares On Wax DJs were making an appearance on the decks and Aguas de Ibiza it was.

Arriving just half an hour into the event, the rooftop was already buzzing with people. Notably with well-known island residents who are known to frequent only the very best of occasions. Parking was easy at this 5-star Ibiza hotel, with a large car-park provided right outside.

We took our time wandering around and checking out the hotel itself before going up to the roof. We loved the soothing, rounded architecture, the calm, white surroundings and the subtle nods to traditional Ibicenco style. Drystone-style sections of wall snaked their way around the huge, light-filled lobby in a tastefully postmodern touch and the pool with its views of the harbour looked absolutely divine. The gorgeously clean smell of mineral salts filled the air, complimenting the utterly Zen sound of gently running water. It was like walking into heaven.

We glided up to the roof in the pristine elevator and were greeted in an explosion of pure pizzaz and contagiously bubbling energy by the quite extraordinary Amanda. Sparkling from head to toe with glitter, body-painted angel wings, sequined hot-pants and quite clearly the life and soul of any party, we knew we'd come to the right place.

Angels and Nightmares (on Wax)

Amanda runs Bespoke, a concierge company who regularly host events at Pacha's El Hotel and other such high profile Ibiza venues. So why Aguas, and why Ascending Angels, I asked?

“It's very much a collaboration between ourselves, Babylon Beach, Wax the Jam (That's Nightmares on Wax's 2014 Thursday night residency at Las Dalias) Angel Champagne and Alberto, the owner of Aguas de Ibiza,” explained Amanda.

Ahhh, so Angel champagne on the roof...Ascending Angel - clever!

Turns out that this year, Nightmares on Wax are celebrating a massive 25 years of producing their distinct, much-loved recipe of addictive grooves. This event had been planned to kick off their 2014 Wax Da Jam 25th birthday carnival, opening next Thursday July 31st @ Las Dalias (free before 11pm - just sayin'...)

Adding to the ‘Angels' theme were those blessed bringers of muscular delight, direct from heaven, the Ibiza Angels. For those who are not familiar with this very Ibiza tradition, it involves a blissful, 10 minute massage for a simple donation of whatever you feel it was worth to you. Although how to put a price on the wonderful relaxation that was imparted to my neck, head and shoulders by the exquisite fingers of ‘angel' Nikki I do not know! Catch the Ibiza Angels regularly at Bambuddha Grove and other high-quality establishments.

The roof-chapel of divine groove

The DJ was spinning classic funky tunes, slamming in irresistible grooves from funk-gods Tower of Power along with inventive remixes of soulful classics such as Diana Ross' 'I'm Comin Out.' The rooftop began to get seriously busy and slowly, the sun went down, giving way to a fairy-tale night-time view of the twinkling lights of Santa Eulalia's beautiful harbour and its gleaming, white yachts.

Then the live music started. Wow. The Johnny Freelance Experience. Live vocals by the quite frankly incredible vocalist Afrika Bibang along with Nicholas Dominic Talvola on trumpet and Didi Lezcano on drums. Funky in the extreme, we suspect grooves that deep should come with an inflatable life jacket. The dancefloor, dear reader, was rocking. Just check out TJFE's YouTube video below for a taster.

The party connoisseurs were loving it. Ibiza's favourite funky icon Vaughan, 30 years resident at Pacha shimmied to my left, Hidden Bar owners Chris and Amanda gleefully pulled slinky disco moves to my right.

Then the street-dancers started. Whoa!! But the über-talented dance crew Eszteca did not perform on the stage, separated from the audience. No siree. Those funky cats shook, spun and body-popped all around the dancefloor, with everyone else kind of swept into the general dance-off vibe. Check out their moves featured in DJ Jean's video of ‘Every Single Day' below. At one point, Afrika herself jumped down off the stage, barefooted, wild and sequinned up to the max, right into the middle of the dance-floor to general roars of approval and vigorous shaking of booty. Legendary.

What's more, for a such a stunning location atop a luxury 5-star Ibiza hotel, the prices at the bar were reasonable. My glass of white wine (a wonderfully balanced Sauvignon Blanc) was an easily palatable €5 and entrance was completely free. This evening will not break the bank, ladies and gents.

So when is the next one, I hear you cry? Amanda promises she'll let us know with plenty of notice next time and we'll let you know the minute we hear. In the meantime, you can catch the Johnny Freelance Experience live at Babylon Beach on Thursdays from 9.30pm, El Chiringuito in Es Cavallet on Saturdays and Sunset Ashram, Cala Conta on Mondays. For the next Ascending Angel event, watch this space ladies and gents, we'll bring you news as we get it!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTOS | Ana Ruiz

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