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Ai Carai FREE live music festival in San Carlos, Ibiza this Saturday!

Love live music? Looking for the authentic free spirit of Ibiza? Take a trip to San Carlos this Saturday and we guarantee you’ll find it!

This weekend from 3pm, Saturday June 21st, you are warmly invited to a full 10 hours of live music performances, over no less than 9 stages in the beautiful village of San Carlos, Ibiza.

Organised by local promoters ‘Ai Carai!' the gloriously free event provides a platform for the richly diverse live music scene which flourishes here on the island.

Expect the true flower-power, hippy spirit of Ibiza to unfold magnificently before your eyes, with not just hundreds of talented musicians taking part but vibrant performances, kids zone, workshops, an artisan market and many other surprises in store.

The occasion is the annual summer solstice and the location of San Carlos is delightfully appropriate, having housed legends such as Bob Marley, Nico and Mick Jagger in those heady days of Ibiza hippy heaven, back in the 60's and 70's.

What's more, the festival coincides with the International Day of Music. Last year there were events in over 108 countries and 726 cities around the world celebrating the international language of music. We like!

It all sounds like a fantastic day out for the whole family, a chance to experience a precious glimpse of that Bohemian Ibiza that many of us can only imagine wistfully, wishing we'd been there.

Not only that, but the beautiful village of San Carlos is a sight in itself, ancient, charming and oozing with history. You can either get there on the bus from Santa Eulalia or drive - there is plenty of parking around the village.

Before you leave, we highly recommend you check out Bar Anita. A legendary bar with an illustrious history of feeding impoverished artists who in return would gift their paintings. Their collection is extraordinary!

In short dear reader, we recommend you proceed immediately to San Carlos this Saturday. Live music, fun, dancing, shopping and sunshine. SOLD!

PHOTOGRAPHY | Kindly provided by Ai Carai with permission.

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