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Paintball lounge party in San Antonio

Are you a lover or a fighter? Here’s how you find out. POW!

This week's featured Ibiza experience is one for the warriors. Perfect for letting off steam, creasing up laughing and romping around like Rambo. Allow us to present (drum roll) San Antonio's paintball lounge party!

It's the perfect time to smear yourself in sexy camo paint, don your tough-guy military gear and show your mates just who's the boss with your dastardly arsenal of paint-powered bullets!

Brilliant for groups, it's based right next to Gala Night where that Ibiza institution The Zoo Project explodes into action every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the summer.

The battle site itself is really cool, featuring a huge 12,000m outdoor game zone filled with tanks, cannons and other nifty movie props. There's also a lush swimming pool and nicely stocked bar for chilling afterwards, plus a ‘safe-zone' for those who prefer to sit it out!

“But i'm not with a group and I want to play!” I hear you cry. Never fear. The staff organise groups every Friday for any lone warriors out there who fancy doing battle and you'll be allocated a team. Nice huh?!

As if all that wasn't cool enough, if there are more than 8 in your group, they'll even come and pick you all up from your hotel or villa if requested. How's that for proper VIP treatment, fearless warriors?

A hilariously fun day out, Ibiza Paintball Lounge is guaranteed to deliver you some of your most memorable holiday photos (and possibly the odd bruise, but hey, perfect for eliciting sympathy when out on the razzle later on). Heh.

More Ibiza experiences soon!

Ibiza paintball

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