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Bar 1805-Ibiza Opening

Bar 1805-Ibiza has generated quite a fan base over the last couple of years and this year looks to promise even more for connoisseurs of fine cocktails.

Bar 1805-Ibiza will be opening the doors for its third season in Ibiza on Friday 18th April at the very fitting time of 8.05 pm.

This unique French canteen-style bar and restaurant is the brainchild of Charles Vexenat, a visionary cocktail artisan who aims to combine French flair with Ibiza's renowned artistic side. The theme of the restaurant is in honour of Henri-Louis Pernod, who first launched the infamous green liquor, Absinthe, in the year 1805.

An evening at Bar 1805-Ibiza promises to be an interactive experience of drinking, eating and creating in an environment of "playful chic". As well as indulging in the restaurant's unique blend of bespoke drinks and food, guests are invited to take part in live art work on the chalk-board tables and walls, or even to relax in a cushioned bath tub!

Charles himself has received many awards for his creations during his fifteen year career as bartender and mixologist. Renowned for inventive flavour combinations and imaginative presentation, Bar 1805-Ibiza is the culmination of his life's work, and he prides himself on creating drinks which are simply brimming over with "joie de vivre".

The 2014 Ibiza summer season is set to be a succession of one-off events. Charles will be joined by various international guest bartenders and guest chefs to bring even more variety to Bar 1805-Ibiza, and an unprecedented series of street parties is also on the agenda.

Located two flights up the stone stairs behind the Croissant Show in Ibiza Town (close to the entrance of historic Dalt Vila) Bar 1805-Ibiza will be open seven nights a week from 8.05 pm until 3.30 am with food being served until 2.30 am.

The restaurant will be open for only 180.5 nights and the official opening party takes place on…yes, you guessed it...18/05.

You can find out any last minute announcements and all the latest news by visiting Bar 1805-Ibiza's website or Facebook page, or by mailing

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bar 1805-Ibiza.

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