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Winter Ibiza: Bar Anita, San Carlos

Anita's Bar in the picturesque village of San Carlos is reputed to be the original 'hippie bar' of Ibiza and remains an excellent venue for a quick snack or a more hearty meal, with amazing opening hours!

Anita's Bar for some five decades has been an essential ‘must experience' eatery, tucked up in the North of the Ibiza. Retaining its fabulous charm across fifty years and serving great food, Bar Anita in the village of San Carlos is a favourite with islanders to this day but with a multi-lingual staff, island visitors are made to feel as welcome as the locals.

Historically, Anita's Bar is commonly referenced as the ‘first hippie bar' on Ibiza. With a charming courtyard, covered by trees and a huge interior, back in the ‘60's, hippies used to gather, often playing musical instruments, enjoying the tapas and Anita's own special hierbas (island liqueur, reputed to be made from 16 different ingredients, including but in no way limited to wild rosemary, fennel, lavender, camomile, oranges, lemons, sage etc)

These days walking in, aside from the warm greeting and fantastically authentic appearance, cast an eye over the incredible art that lines the walls inside. The story has it that when the writers, artists and musicians of the 1960's struggled to pay their tab at Bar Anita, they would gift paintings and the like to cover their bill.

Settling down in the courtyard, we ordered a small selection of tapas – although one should note whilst the selection was small, the portions would certainly feed two! There is a full menu available with everything from Spanish Tortilla to Vegetarian Lasagne – the menu is in over 5 languages and the cuisine accommodates most Western European palates and dietary requirements.

Service was swift and pleasant and the food

- Boquerones (fresh anchovies, usually in vinegar and olive oil and seasoned with either parsley or garlic),
- Pan y alioli (island bread with garlic mayonnaise)
- Olives (no idea what they were seasoned with, but delicious!) and
- Russian salad

was all faultlessly fresh and tasty.

A small glass of wine, as is traditional with such a meal was super and with only an hour to spare, we also managed to fit in a ‘carajillo' (small strong coffee with a dash of cognac) to perk us up for our next point of call (a tour around a 17th Century fully restored farmhouse just up the road in San Carlos)

Appetite thoroughly sated (truth be, we couldn't actually finish it all!) we were just about to depart when we remembered the hierbas… Often said to be the perfect after-dinner drink and with Anita's Bar heirbas being renowned locally as one of the best (as we stood at the bar, a local popped in solely to buy a bottle) it seemed rude not to sample it. Having done so, we now understand why it is so well spoken of and indeed much look forward to our next visit!

The entire bill came to less than 14 euro's per head and we felt it was extremely good value for money!

Quick Faq's

Where? Village of San Carlos, opposite the Church as you head towards Aguas Blancas. Use our restaurant guide to navigate there.

When? 7am – 1am. Open 365 days a year!

Why? Part of the original hippie culture that put Ibiza on the European map, great food, good value. Very much the ‘real Ibiza' vibe.

Average spend per head? Pop in for a coffee and you'll walk out with change from 2 euro's! Tapas and drinks – change from 20 euro's.

Veggie Options? Yes

Disabled facilities? Access to building but toilets upstairs…

Room for Improvement? We're working on thinking of something…

Top Tip? Go! And unlike us, give yourself time to relax and settle in to the ambience.

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