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Review: Bambuddha Restaurant, Ibiza

Last year Bambuddha was voted one of Top 5 Ibiza restaurants of the year. After a venue refurbishment and menu change, how would it fair this year?

Bambuddha restaurant, located on the San Juan Road is one the most famous and best-loved Ibiza restaurants. In fact, I admit that when Ibiza Spotlight heard that they had redesigned the interior and the menu, we were a bit nervous. After all, why reinvent the wheel? Off we went curiously to investigate!

Parking in the large car-park provided, I entered what has always been one of my favourite Ibiza restaurants. Walking into the restaurant for the first time is a classic Ibiza experience. You could be forgiven for thinking you had somehow been teleported to a temple in Goa. Statues of exotic deities gaze serenely upon you as you walk past incredibly beautiful people lounging around in opulent VIP sections decked out in ruby red silk and plush, gold cushions. Erotic artefacts bestow a sensual, decadent ambience beneath the tropical bamboo canopy that shelter diners from the elements whilst allowing for al fresco dining.

The cocktail bar was buzzing. My presence was acknowledged immediately by the smiling bartenders and in no time at all, I was sipping an ‘Erotic' blend of cachaça, basil, balsamic, lime, cinnamon and strawberry. Simply delectable.

5 minutes later and our table was ready. Our drinks were carried for us. The menu was handed to us, already open, in the correct language, on the correct page. We were immediately brought water and a gorgeous selection of prawn crackers, olive bread, black olive tapenade and creamy hummus whilst we perused their sumptuous ‘MediterrAsian' fusion menu, unique amongst Ibiza restaurants.

Our extremely knowledgeable waiter discussed the menu with us, answering all our questions with easy expertise. Not only could she describe each dish in detail, she even knew the origin of all the produce used and the methods of cooking and preparation. Where was the black Angus steak sourced? In the U.S., from one of the finest black Angus farms in the world. How was it cooked? On a volcanic stone grill using only the finest, Ibiza cherry tree branches, because of the unsurpassed taste it infuses into the meat. Of course.

After great deliberation my companion chose the 24 hours slow roasted lamb and for me, sizzling tiger prawns served on a bed of vegetables in Thai sauce with jasmine rice.

Dazzled by the impressive wine-list, their resident Sommelier came over to discuss our options. Enquiring politely as to our choices for mains, he recommended a soft, mellow red that would compliment both our meals. “This wine was chosen for the Oscar ceremonies last year,” he informed us proudly. Bambuddha, as you may have begun to realize, is one of the finest Ibiza restaurants there is.

My simple, light starter of delicious, crispy spring rolls with a sweet chilli dipping sauce was finished quickly. Within seconds of clearing my plate it was whisked away. Water was topped up and so was wine. In fact, the service was so impeccable, I did not lift my finger for any reason (except to eat or drink) all evening.

Spotting some friends in the cocktail lounge, my companion and I left our table for a few minutes, assured by our waiter that we had a 10 minute wait for our mains. When we returned, the table was immaculate. At the request of my companion, her chair had been changed, the table was reset with fresh napkins and cutlery and our glasses were once again topped up.

The lamb was spectacular. Tender and succulent is an understatement, as I watched the meat literally fall apart at the touch of the fork. The flavour was mouth-watering. My sizzling tiger prawns were expertly de-tailed and de-headed. The al dente vegetables were complimented but not overpowered by the delicately spiced Thai sauce. One word. Perfect.

Sublimely satisfied, we retired once again to the cocktail bar for an exquisite espresso Martini. It was around 11pm and the atmosphere was fantastic. It seemed half of the guests in this Ibiza restaurant knew each other and it felt rather like being part of an exclusive and glamorous dinner party. The kind where everyone chats and mingles, confident that they are in the company of friends or at the very least, friends of friends.

The conclusion? Bambuddha, Ibiza is better than ever. In every way. More beautiful, more incredible cuisine, better lighting and a new sound-system. Book well in advance because it´s going to be very busy. Bambuddha is quite simply one of the best Ibiza restaurants there is. Enjoy!

Quick Facts

What? Bambuddha restaurant, Ibiza

Where? On the San Juan Road

When? June - Nov 20.00 - 02.00 every night

Why? It's the best. In every way.

Average Spend per Head? €45-50 without drinks

Vegetarian Options? Absolutely!

Top Tips? Dress to impress. Book a table early and stay all night!

Room for improvement? There should be a Bambuddha in every town!

To Book

For more information, map or to make a direct reservation - Bambuddha Restaurant

Photography by Tamas Kooning Lansbergen

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