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Viu la Posidonia ' 0 Plastic'

Activities to know and protect the Posidonia seaweed

Cada sábado, domingo desde 6 nov 2021 hasta 4 dic 2021
Desde: 11:00

Dónde: Talamanca, Ibiza

Posidonia seaweed is one of the most precious thing of our see. It help to preserve beaches, give a place to live to many species, filter the sea water and realese oxygen in the sea. It is been proven that a meter square of Posidonia produce more oxygen than three trees togheter. Ibiza and Formentera owns some of the biggest prairies of the Mediterrean sea, that is way our water is so crystalline and that is why we should learn how to save it from the plastic invasion. This day of activietes, direct to family and kids, aim to educate in how to help the Posidonia seaweed and our sea from the plastic invasion.

For more information check the page of the Ayuntamiento de Ibiza (spanish).